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Once upon a time, in a land not that far away, parents and politicians alike were wringing their hands and pulling their hair out with fear. Was it impending war that had them so panicked? Mad cow disease maybe? No, my darling readers... It was this:

It's so real & frightening! SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!!!
It's so real & frightening! SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

Between the 70s and 80s in the UK, an all-out war was waged by the government and the media on pretty much any horror film that dared to show blood and even a trace of boob. While future horror directors such as Neil Marshall and Edgar Wright were cutting their teeth on VHS copies of movies most consider cheesy now, Morality Queen Mary Whitehouse was flipping her proverbial shit over the prospect of a child seeing The Evil Dead.

Deadites?!? No no no no no no no no.
Deadites?!? No no no no no no no no.

Whitehouse, with the support of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, sponsored a bill that would prosecute certain kinds of films for obscenity. The arbitrary system of censoring film lead to a list of banned and semi-banned movies collectively known as the Video Nasties (as well as some of the most hilarious accidental banning in history, when police tried to seize a copy of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for being pornographic.) While The Driller Killer (1979), Cannibal Holocaust (1980), and The Evil Dead (1981) became the public face of the Video Nasties, 72 films were officially put on the list by the British government.

And now... I will watch every one of them. Every. Last. One.

I dare you to corrupt me, Driller Killer!
I dare you to corrupt me, Driller Killer!

I have decided to embark on an epic journey that will probably lead to my eventual insanity, but not for the reasons that the British government believed. For you see, I have already viewed about 20 of the films on this list, and I can attest, they are mostly just bad. Awful. Extraordinarily awful in some cases. But I am still going to watch every one of them, and then review them, so you can just avoid them altogether.

I'm just that sweet.

The Rules:

1) I will watch EVERY film on the list, in alphabetical order, regardless of whether or not I have seen it before. (You can see the whole list here)

2) I am not allowed to fast-forward or turn off a film, no matter how desperately I may want to. Feel free to quiz me.

3) If for some reason I can't locate one of the films, I will let you kids know. Though I believe most are widely available, in one form another.

Do you think I need to add any rules to the list? Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, look for my first review, of Absurd, soon!


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