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There are many Marvel movies rumored to be in the works, and while some of these are just wild fanboy speculation (which I myself am often guilty of – I love talking about the things I wish to see!) the majority are real possibilities. One definite possibility is that of a Deadpool movie: now that Days of Future Past has re-set the timeline, we can forget about the travesty of Wolverine: Origins, and start afresh.

Of course, if and when that happens (which should be relatively soon), the biggest question will be who plays Deadpool? Reynolds is currently be involved in the development, but things can always change. While the major characters brought back in Days of Future Past remain the same (Jean Grey and Cyclops), Gambit has been re-cast for his upcoming movie, and I would honestly love to see someone new to play the Merc with a Mouth.

So who would I like to see? For a role where a mask is worn at all times (saving a little pre-experimentation backstory footage), it’s not about the look, it’s about the body, the comedic timing, the ability to get inside a deranged mind, and for me, it’s got to be about the voice, as well. Here are a few actors who I think may be able to bring that together.

1. Ryan Reynolds
Well, I couldn’t just ignore him entirely, for obvious reasons. Although I know that many people loved him as Deadpool, I just never really got on board with it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Reynolds as an actor, I just find him a little too frat-boy for Deadpool. I want to see someone darker, a little more grizzled, someone who can take on Wilson’s insanity without turning it into a joke. (On an unrelated note, I would love to see Reynolds as the Human Torch. Now there is a role I think he is perfect for, and seeing as Chris Evans is now Captain America, maybe a little Fantastic Four cast re-shuffle is in order!)

Pretty please?
Pretty please?

2. Jensen Ackles
As an unrepentant Supernatural fangirl, I will admit to wanting Ackles to be in just about everything. However, this role is one I think he would absolutely own, not least because of the similarities between Wade Wilson and Dean Winchester. He has definitely proven his ability to portray tortured, crazy, and throw in some amazing comic timing while doing it. He’s got an incredible voice, the ideal build, and with Supernatural already through nine seasons, he will undoubtedly be looking for a new project soon.

3. Vin Diesel
This suggestion comes with a proviso – he would need to slim down first, as Deadpool is not a mountain of a man. If he did, I think he would be an incredible choice. Diesel is a full-on action hero, and watching him in Riddick/Pitch Black shows that he can absolutely pull off the funny/crazy combo and put together incredible fight sequences with almost any weapon. Not to mention the most incredible voice!

I could see this...
I could see this...

4. Colin Farrell
Moving more toward the dark and brooding, Farrell may actually be able to pull this off. He definitely has the experience with action movies, and his dark comedy suits Deadpool so well. If you haven’t seen him in In Bruges, you should absolutely check it out. Of course, there is the slight issue that he has already been in a Marvel movie, (Daredevil, although I like to pretend that never happened!), but if Chris Evans can do it, I think we could manage this double-cast.

5. Jason Statham
Another perfect combination of action and comedy, I would love to see Statham taking on Deadpool. He definitely has the right build and style, and his performances in Lock Stock and Snatch show just what he could do with a cocky, funny lead role. The only real issue is that I somehow doubt that he could do an American accent, but that’s what vocal coaches are for, right?

This is a game I could play all day, but for now, let’s leave it at my top five. Or top four and Ryan Reynolds.

What do you think? Have a favorite to play Deadpool in an upcoming movie? Comment with your favorite from the list, or a suggestion of your own!


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