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It was announced on June 6th, 2014 that there will be a Kung Fu Panda 3. FX Movie Download announced that it will be out in December of 2015 and will be bringing back all the characters.

I have to say that I kind of want to see it. I'm wondering how each of the characters have grown and changed. Tigress has always been a bit strict and tough. However, I have a feeling that in Kung Fu Panda 3, she is going to be just the tiniest bit softer.

Crane on the other hand, I'm expecting will keep his sarcasm and patience as always. As well, I am kind of hoping that he will step up from his somewhat wimpy attitude as displayed in the first movie where he says "Hey, uh...maybe you can't watch ME be killed?" after Tigress says to Po, "I can't watch my friend be killed.". So, hopefully that changes.

When it comes to Mantis, well, to be honest, in the first movie, I didn't notice him until the end during the huge, yeah.

Monkey, on the other hand, I definitely want to see more from him. He was one of my favorite characters in the movies. He has a humorous side that just made everything brighter and I love that about him. Not to mention, he was the first to call Po by his name. He is probably the 2nd friendliest character in the movies, but I would like to see him a bit more serious.

Viper is very cool, but I don't know what I want from her. She is basically a crime-fighting snake, and from my point-of-view, there's not much you can do there. As a matter of fact, I never truly understood how a snake could be a warrior to begin with, but hey, it's just a movie. Although, she could step up a bit. She seems much to girly for my tastes. I'm not saying she should be like Tigress, just, not so the way she is now.

Master Shifu has always been a interesting character. He is strict and sophisticated one minute, and the next, he could be showing you the coolest move you've ever seen. Although, I'm not going to lie, when I saw the first movie,I was scared of him. But now he's cool. So for the next movie, I want to see him brighten up a bit and have just a little fun.

Mr.Ping was always my favorite character thanks to his eccentric personality and his being the owner of a noodle shop. And while I still love that, I would like to see him in action. I think it would be cool if the world could not have been saved without him. However, based on the ending of Kung Fu Panda 2, this movie is probably going to be Po discovering his parents are alive, them finding each other, and then some earth endangering crisis. So, I doubt my Mr.Ping dream will come true.

Finally though, we come to Po. The Dragon Warrior. He is a totally cool panda. Which makes me like him more because I've wanted a panda since I was like 7. But he can fight really good, achieved inner peace at such an early age, has a noodle shop owner for an adoptive father, and is friends with the Furious Five. This dude has it all. However due to his "awesomeness" that is never predictable, I can't expect anything.

So, those are my thoughts. Although, during the first movie, when Tigress mentioned Po's idea to cook rice in his stomach by eating rice and then drinking boiling water, I thought it would work.And I am still pretty sure it would work


So, who can't you wait to see most?


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