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I remember growing up with my PlayStation 2 heavily hooked into one of the most fantastic and successful games ever made by Disney and Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts. Honestly, it was not just the amazing hours of gameplay that got me hooked, it was also the spectacular 3D HD clips of the storyline's scenes. I remember saying to myself, "what would a movie about this game look like?" I eventually answered that question myself. No. At least definitely not a live action film. I cannot picture how the many worlds of this game series, along with the hundreds of Disney characters would be made into live action. I gave up on that childish dream, but recently while studying just how popular the game series is, I began believing in the idea that a 3D animated adaptation of the game might just hit the 4-5 stars.

Think about it, this is a Disney co-starred project we are talking about. Disney has the extra cash to budget, develop, and market this film, especially to the millions of gamers that followed the series. The key is figuring out how to translate the project to Hollywood. The key is really to start small. One of the primary complaints regarding the Kingdom Hearts games these days is that the series has grown too bloated. There are currently seven games across a number of consoles and handheld systems. Only two of these games are actually numbered entries that directly advance the ongoing storyline. The rest are spinoffs and prequels that shed light on various corners of the universe. The result is that fans either complain about the mythology becoming too complex and bloated, or that they have to spend too much money to follow the franchise.

The Kingdom Hearts experience needs to be simplified down to its essence. The movie has, at best, a couple of hours to establish the concept and setting and deliver a conflict worthy of the first entry in a larger series. This isn't a video game where players can spend several dozen hours exploring every nook and cranny and diving into the lore. That means that the movie probably can't feature as many Disney worlds as typically appear in the game. Certainly, we don't want to see a movie where Sora and friends are dragged through a dozen different Disney realms, not allowing the filmmakers the time to properly explore and savor each one. There has to be a balance.

Why Disney has not considered this idea, I do not know, but I guess the fans should have an initial say. So, should a Kingdom Hearts animated film be even thought of?


Should Disney and Square make a "Kingdom Hearts" animated film?


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