ByLogan Carnivalli, writer at
Las Vegas Comic Fan
Logan Carnivalli

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the independent comic company; Cream Comics, but they sure have been gaining quick popularity on both Instagram and now YouTube.

Cream Comics is home to fictional characters such as; The Lamb, an Italian Priest during the 17th century, whom devotes his life to ridding the earth of all demonic spirits (superheroes) in the name of God; Killer Rose, the widowed bomb-shell of mafia getaway driver, Johnny "Quick" Scaletta; and Desert Eagle, an ex Marine who uses his armed forces skills to fight crime in his hometown, Las Vegas, which ironically, is where Cream Comics is located.

About an hour ago, Cream took to their Instagram account, @creamcomics about the news of their band new YouTube channel. Curious on what I would find, I stumbled upon this priceless video of Michael Myers, not only killing helpless victims, but a funky beat with some sick moves.

Hope you all enjoy and find a little humor in this as well.


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