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Giorgos Bardas

In our days the reigning superbattles are Bat against Superman , Bat vs Black Panther , i've seen many times Wonderwoman against Supergirl and many other . But have you ever imagined a fight between the most overpowered (in my humble opinion of course) superheroes ? Superman and M.M. have similar abilites such as superstrength supervision and eye-beams and due to their similarity and still much difference i think it would be a fascinating fight !

Imagine a fight with MM avoiding Superman's beams by gaining his untouchable form , transforming into superdragonstyle alien forms , superman using his speed and strength to crush him and much more ! I think it would be an amazing fight and very very interesting . I mean they are really powerfull both of them , both aliens and even if the MM's superstrength wouldnt match Supermans i think he would be sufficient . Also both have one big disadvantage MM fire and Superman kryptonite of course so imagine at the last stand of the fight both using their advantages against the other .

Lets take a moment here and see the advantages and disadvantages of each one.First of all we have to face the fact that Superman has the upper hand on superstrenght. Although Martian's untouchable form would be really usefull against his punches and beams. Of course Manhunter transforming into alien creatures would create difficulties for Superman but still he would be able to handle them . As for the telekinetic and telepathy powers of Manhunter i think that this would be the main problem for superman whose speed should be used at its maximum.

I will not refer on a movie , even if it would be wonderfull i think it would be difficult to see but i would like to see thoughts and comments on that Battle .. For sure it would be huge and both would be a perfect match for each other !

So ? Who do you think is the best alien ?


Who would win on a battle ? Superman or Martian Manhunter ?


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