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This article is really a little about a fan idea I had while watching the X-men First Class. The movie showcases the brilliance in the story and some really good character development that really is different to the same carnations we see in the previous films.

As the movie continues halfway through the movie Magento says"we can avenge him" something that tapped a brain wave in the ole noodle and thought that well damn they were in the sense the original Avengers. Then a further idea popped into my brain what if the Avengers (owned by Disney) mixed in to the X-men (owned by Fox) and I know Fox are distancing themselves from Marvel and I know Marvel are kind of creating a bit of a situation for themselves in regards to the Fantastic Four comics (in case you missed it Marvel at the moment are stopping the distribution of the comics. The comics help promote the film and hype up the movie in the same sense that the Kardashian sisters hype up their middle sister Kimmy K) and thats what you missed out on Glee.

No but back to the topic this could kind of work out the X-men franchise has relaunched themselves back into the franchise hall of fame and are now being a contender to be the better superhero franchise of all time. And if you read my previous article or you haven't you can here :) but if you cannot be stuffed you may want to know that I really didn't like DOFP and thought it was a bit of drag however it did have its highlights and that highlight was a quick silver running around the place. So DOFP pretty much created a ripple effect which could blend it self in the other marvel franchises.

It could just as easy fit in the Avengers for example in a few years time when they release X-men Apocalypse in 2016 have the post credit scene with Phil Coulson (the new director of SHIELD) walk into Xavier's office and he could ask for the of Xmen. Coulson could say something like this " Professor X big fan of that helmet thing that tracks mutants and stuff, I've been telling SHIELD we need a toy like that and they keep refusing to make it." X looks at Coulson with a little smirk on his face. "No I'm just kidding but we do need your help as you know earth has been attacked by Aliens and my team are good but team is better how about you join us" Wolverine walks in and he pulls the finger to Coulson and Coulson looks at the camera and then a fade out.

Then in 2017 we get our Avengers 3 movie with Thanos being the main bad guy and in an ideal world we now have countless new superheroes in the universe already such as Blackpanther, Ant man, Dr Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Now picture this were at the climax of the film and our precious Avengers are getting smashed by Thanos and are really getting annihilated by him then all of a sudden the quinjet flies in the background Widow will say something like "great more uninvited guests this is shaping up to be a real fest". The X Men emerge from the jet and teaming up with the Avengers to help kill Thanos. The Avengers win just by a little but losing a lot of comrades on the way and a few X-men (its only natural and dare I say it X does as well lets face it hes super old and had a pretty dope life). By the end of the movie the Avengers thank the Xmen and say if ever need help don't be afraid to call or something like that. This kind of causes a little rift with the X Men that they are a little annoyed that they aren't part of the team. As their fallen men have died on the side to help them. This then causes the effects of the next X Men/Avengers film: The Uncanny Avengers.

In the comics The Uncanny Avengers follows the Avengers to accept the X Men in the team though there are some hiccups on the way but it would be all worth it in the long run to help defeat a bad guy ( I don't know who) but both franchises have an array of villains to choose from.

This is really a no brainer for Fox and Disney first off that $$$ and remember the end credits of TASM2 (which is under sonys wings right now) where there was an Xmen DOFP clip and everyone went nuts that film promoted DOFP and with word of mouth more people were curious. In the end it proved a marketing scheme but imagine if this is done right. And I know there were legal reasons eg Webb and Fox but it still worked out!

What do you think is this plausible or what? Comment below!


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