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What a film! Done!

OK, I'll write some more. It is 30 years ago today that the magnificent film Ghostbusters was premiered and the following day was released in the US. The superlatives and significance of this film has been largely documented and rightly so, it defines the term 'classic'. One of those films that should be given to NARA (Not Allowed to Remake Association) and be preserved in a high security museum, just like The Tower of London and never be touched again. In my view this museum would be packed full of films, in fact, I don't think anything should be remade (check out my article on The Birds for more on that). But such is the way of the film world right now.

Having looked at the fact that Ghostbusters was premiered 30 years ago, I noticed that 1984 was a sensational year for movie making. There is a huge list of movies, which you can see below, that were released during those 366 days. I'm not sure if nostalgia or age is a factor here, but looking back at these films, I wonder if there has been a year since, or will ever be a year like it. The list below has something for everyone; great kid's movies, timeless horrors, hilarious comedies, and some wonderfully cinematic classics. From Gremlins, to A Nightmare on Elm Street, to Police Academy, through to Once Upon a Time in America. Take a look at the list and see for yourself the quality of filmmaking that was 1984.

Footloose (February)

This is Spinal Tap (March)

Children of the Corn (March)

Police Academy (March)

Sixteen Candles (May)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (May)

Once Upon a Time in America (May)

Ghostbusters (June)

Gremlins (June)

The Karate Kid (June)

Amadeus (September)

The Terminator (October)

The Killing Fields (November)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (November)

Beverly Hills Cop (December)

What a list! I think you wouldn't go too wrong if they were the only films you ever saw and you just kept watching them on a loop. There is a great range of movies and ones that will never be forgotten. I hope that I am not just being blinkered by retrospect and the fact that this is my "era" and hope that others, of all ages would agree that 1984 was a special year in the world of cinema. I wonder if in 30 years time people will look back at 2014 and make a list as good as the one above, I hope so!

However, I think it would be hard to emulate the imapct that Ghostbusters has had on the people that have seen it over the last 30 years. What a film and what a year! Oh 1984, how we miss thee!

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