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The Marvel fan base has been going crazy over the last couple of weeks with the announcement that there will be a doctor strange movie coming up with the name being dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier which i think excited fans more than the movie itself. I think the real question is though who will marvel cast to play everybody's favourite doctor(sorry House you're a close second)

Right lets look at our casting choices for the good doctor 10,. Adrian Brody

Brody seems to be topic of discussion for nearly every marvel character that comes up most recently he was one of the front-runners to play Daredevil in the new netflix series Marvel is set to release, but the role was ultimately taken from Brody by British actor Charlie Cox. The character of Matt Murdoch presents Brody with the opportunity to play a major marvel character and with his acting chops he could definitely nail the role. 9,. Hugh Dancy

Best known for his role as Will Graham on NBC's Hannibal Dancy is the man on this list who resembles Dr.Strange the most. Normally when talking about Dr.Strange Dancy's costar Mads Mikkelson is a frontrunner for the role but Dancy definitely has the ability to pull of a role like that. It could go both ways we could see him pull of the role to perfection or we could have another Chris'O Donell situation so Dancy is a big gamble if marvel do decide to chose him. 8,. Jake Gylennhal

Here's a more familiar face the guy who was supposed to replace Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker in Spider-man 2 but ultimately Tobey put his "bad-back" issues aside to reprise his role as the webbed crusader and hasn't been mentioned for any marvel role since, but when the announcement was made that a Dr.Strange movie was coming up his name popped up again. The only issue here is that Gylennhal has shown no intrest in the character and another problem is that fans want him more than the studio does, so that might be a bit of a bummer. 7,. Patrick Dempsey

Out of all of the men on this list Dempsey was the first one to express interest in the role of Dr.Strange way before the movie was even announced so we know that he really wants to play the character more than ayone on this list but does that make him qualified for the job. The fans weren't to excited about him showing interest in the role and neither does the studio so I don't think we should expect to see him anytime soon. 6,. Matthew Mcconaughay

The Oscar winning actor is a crowd favourite in everyone's minds to play the role of Dr. Strange and marvel studios probably considers him the frontrunner for the role and he's definitely got the acting chops for the role, so Mcconaughay probably has one of the strongest arguments on the list, but now time for our top five candidates for the role. 5,. Hugh Laurie

Yes my good fellows everybody's 2nd favourite doctor has been included on this list at number 5 no less why? you ask, for the exact reason he's a well known face on television his role as Dr.House. If you ask me House is just a reincarnation of Dr.Strange if he were a well actual doctor or a drug addict so out of everybody on this list Laurie has played the character closest to the role of doctor strange which puts him in our top five. 4,. Benedict Cumberbatch

The biggest fan favorite for this role as even marvel are agreeing with the fans over the appointment as they have named Cumberbatch as one of the frontrunners for the role, but the problem here is while marvel wants cumberbatch DC are also trying to lure the actor for they're new Justice League film to play the role of the martian manhunter which is(no offense to Dr.Strange) more coveted in DC than Strange is in Marvel but who knows maybe Cumberbatch may be more compelled to join the ranks of marvel instead of DC. 3,. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Let's be honest here Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been screwed out of the most superhero roles and it all started from the dark knight rises where he was expected to play robin or nightwing didn't happen. Front-runner for spiderman, Andrew Garfield got the role, expected to play Daredevil old Charlie Cox came along, everybody thought Antman would be the role for him, Paul Rudd took that from him too there are rumors that marvel want Levitt to play Dr.Strange but it is a rumor. Then again rumors aren't usually wrong and Levitt is qualified to pull of a role like that and more than that he thoroughly deserves a marvel role. 2,. Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson was in marvels top two candidates announced earlier to play Dr.Strange he and Benedict Cumberbatch were the announced front-runners while Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the rumored frontrunner. Neeson is no stranger to superhero movies having played the villainous Ra's Al Ghul in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy but despite his villainous past he is number two on this list and a favourite to land the role because of his ability to make the audience not only despise him but love with movies such as Non-Stop and Taken under his belt the Irishman is expected to land the coveted role, but as for the number one spot... 1,. Johnny Depp

Was there ever any doubt.If any actor on this list lives,breathes and sleeps Dr.Strange it's this guy. You can't find any actor who looks more like Dr.Strange not only that he is a guy who can literally pull of any role with him playing many characters close to Dr.Strange the closest probaly being Captain Jack Sparrow he has been linked to many marvel and DC characters most notably a successor to Heath Ledger's Joker and that's why I think Depp should be cast though audience's opinion does matter so you can vote in the pole below.


Who do you want to see play Dr.Strange


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