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Amazing first round, down to 16 candidates. Every candidate is put through a randomizer for complete fairness.

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Before starting off the second round I want to honor Heath Ledger's superb performance. Here's a few known facts on his role as the Joker.

The Joker's name tag as he dressed up as a nurse, was Matilda. It was to honor his daughter Matilda Ledger (couldn't get a clear enough picture of the name tag in the movie).

Do you remember the scene where the Joker crashed Bruce Wayne's party? Well that was Michael Caine's (Alfred) first time seeing Heath Ledger as the Joker; he absolutely terrified Michael making him forget his lines. I did look into the script for The Dark Knight, but no lines were written. They did rehearse the day before though. Michael said in an interview, "I'm thinking I'm letting friends in, instead of which he's killed them all and he's coming up in the lift on the first rehearsal, I've never seen him. He has like seven dwarves with him, like Snow White, only it's not like that. When the bloody door opened on that lift, he came tearing out. I forgot every line. Terrifying.”

Heath designed the Joker's face paint himself. He bought some cosmetics and clown makeup from a drugstore. The makeup artist's were responsible with replicating his design everyday.

Heath told Christian Bale to actually give him a beating in the interrogation room scene. Heath wanted Christian to deliver real punches; that Batman would normally do to his foe. To go to that length of getting beat up is just pure dedication.

Took it like a man.
Took it like a man.

Heath Ledger was really an all in one kind of guy. From taking a beating, acting to directing, and even a makeup artist. He definitely will never be forgotten.

With all that being said, Lets begin Round 2!

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Michael Fassbender vs. James Franco


Benedict Cumberbatch vs. Robert Knepper

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