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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

Did Alison lie to girls in Season 4 Episode 24? We will put her story into one piece and compare it to previous facts. This article is to remind you everything you need to know before watching EscApe from New York (Season 5 Episode 1). In the last episode we saw Alison as now fearless and ready to face the truth. But did she?

The first thing i would like to comment is the fact that she trusts Noel. She told us that she trusts him because he has secrets too. What kind of secrets can the rich kid of the school has? We all have secrets but not so dark that can make us cover up for someone who faked her death. Even if he does have where was he during the whole police and A chasing stuff?

Now I would like to put the story Alison told us in one paragraph. She starts the story by telling us she was with Ian and when he got out of the bedroom she made a copy of his N.A.T club videos. Then she went to Jenna at the hospital and showed her a video of her and Toby which made Jenna really worried. However as soon as she left the room she got a message from A (1). Then when she went home she found another one on her mirror (2).

1)Bitch can't see but I do. Tonight is the night I kill you. -A
2)I'm everyone and soon you'll be nowhere. -A

After that it's the usual story we know since the first episode. However Alison admits she drugged the girls that night. Then she tells us about Ezra and I would like to skip that part since it's just relationship drama. Later she met Ian at the kissing rock and she told him that she knows everything about the N.A.T. club in a threatening way. Afterwards she explains how she learned about the pills Spencer was taking. Towards the end we learn that Alison was hit with a rock. Then she told us that she was buried alive by her mom. Finally she explains how she managed to disappear with a little help from Mona (which means Mona knew from the start that Ali is alive).

The thing that bothers me the most is that she never mentioned Jenna coming back (Season 3 Episode 13). The pieces match since Alison mentioned her visit in the hospital. But was these obvious to the girls or is she lying again? We can also see that they are in Alison's back yard where the other girl was buried. I suspect that these happened between her conversation with Spencer and her meeting with Byron. Lets take a look: here.

I also noticed that she never mentioned being the red coat, being pregnant or her relationship with CeCe. Alison probably didn't mention being the red coat because the girls saw her. Moreover we can understand that her pregnancy was a probably a lie. However we don't know if the lie was made up by CeCe or Alison lied to CeCe that summer. Maybe Alison did though she was pregnant. Furthermore some questions were created such as. Was she working with CeCe? Is CeCe with or against Alison? The situation with CeCe is pretty complicated since she helped Emily in the wood factory but she betrayed Alison to the police.

I believe Alison didn't lie to the girls. However I believe that she didn't tell the whole truth either. On the other hand it might be just lack of time. I believe that we are going to find out soon whether she is lying or not. I also hope to find out who killed the poor girl who is in Alison's grave. Did Alison kill her just to fake her death? My theory is that Mona (or A team) killed the girl to make Alison disappear from Rosewood forever.


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