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Big news this week from the talented folks at Wicked Pixel Cinema! For those of you who aren't familiar with Wicked Pixel Cinema first hang your head in shame and then get ready for a quick education. Wicked Pixel Cinema is the home of phenom indie director Eric Stanze. Eric started up the Wicked Pixel back in 1995, and has produced and released numerous award winning features such as Savage Harvest, Ice From The Sun and of course Ratline, just to name a few. Even if you haven't seen his movies many may be familiar with Stanze for his regular column Surviving Cinema, with uber horror home, FEARNET.

It was announced yesterday that Eric Stanze and Wicked Pixel Cinema have a brand new film, STOPLIGHT, entering pre production, much to the happiness of Indie fans worldwide! They have decided to offer fans the opportunity to preorder the film, in order to help offset the cost of production, this is a GREAT opportunity to both add to your collection and support indie film talent. Everyone who pre orders the film will be receiving their copy a full 2 WEEKS before it is available for regular purchase, which will make you the envy of the neighborhood! So jump on this chance to own what is almost sure to become a piece of horror history, from one of the leading names in underground/indie horror film making!

STOPLIGHT is the story of Sam Carter’s Pennsylvania to Arizona road trip that is turned upside down when a troubled, terrified woman bolts from an alleyway, directly in front of his car. What could have been a tragic ending instead becomes the beginning of a fascinating journey for Amber Bedloe, who joins Sam for a cross-country road-trip odyssey. Pummeled by hardship her entire life, Amber uses the road trip to confront the darkness and violence of her past. She finally braves an unflinching look into herself – striving for bright horizons while descending uncontrollably into madness.

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