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The idea for this post came to me after seeing my friend Cara's review of her first episode Rose that she watched about 9 years ago. I recommend that you give it a read.

The first time I was even introduced to Doctor Who (and I remember this very vaguely) was 2 years ago, but at the time I could not have cared less for it because I looked up its Wikipedia page, and going through 11 Doctors seemed a bit of a work. Fast forward a year later since that and I am thinking to myself, "Lets give Doctor Who a try and see what it is. It seems to be all over my Facebook wall". And to this date, that is the best sentence I've thought to myself. So, I decide to look up Doctor Who's wiki again, but this time only to see where to begin. I figured starting up with the latest Doctor should be fine, and I can look up things that I do not seem to understand, because well, Youtube. That's when I found this, by The Fine Bros. This got my psyched a little and there began the wibbily wobbly timey wimey.

Being only slightly educated about Doctor Who, I started watching The Eleventh Hour. This is probably the most trivial of all the things but the first time I saw the TARDIS falling through space, I assumed the title sequence was a part of the episode and it took me over a minute to realize that I was wrong. The transition from the scene to the title sequence was very well done for a first timer.

TARDIS crashing
TARDIS crashing

I then saw this little girl praying to Santa to send someone to fix the crack in her wall, which meant that her house would be the crash site, obviously, but I did not expect what I saw next.

A man, dressed all raggedy, in soaking wet clothes and his witty thinking, confusing that little girl and me alike, claims to be The Doctor, bumps into a tree, and all he asked for was an apple. The irony in that. But guess what? He doesn't like apples. He has a craving, but does not like apples. Then came his favorite yogurt which he spits out, then the poisonous Bacon, the evil beans and lastly, my favorite, bread and butter. But all he ever really wanted was Fish Fingers and Custard, who knew?

And stay out
And stay out

Amelia Pond, like a name in a fairy tale, the girl who waited 12 years to meet the man who promised to be back in five minutes. 12 years and four psychiatrists. The girl without a mom and dad, and possibly a very rude aunt. Heart breaking, isn't it?

And guess what you get for making Amelia Pond wait for 12 years? A hit on the head with a cricket bat. But being hit in the head is not the only thing the Doctor has to worry about - "Turn back and look at the corner of your eye", because guess what?

Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence, or the human residence will be incinerated.

Being through all of this, The Doctor decides to make a run for but apparently seems to be up to something with that blue thing in his hand. Oh wait, that's the Sonic Screwdriver the Fine Bros mentioned, yes. The episode then starts to become a huge adventure of solving a big puzzle, because lets be honest, that's what it all is for the Doctor - One Big Puzzle.

We also get to see that Amy apparently made cartoons of The Raggedy Doctor, the man from her dreams. These cartoons were how everyone knew of The Doctor which was surprising for him because he just got a new face.

Soon, we see Amy's authoritative nature when she traps The Doctor in a car door without even so much as bothering about the fact that she has merely 20 minutes of survival. No, this is Amy, she demands an explanation. We start to see so much of this behaviour of hers in later episodes, and one such scene was in A Town Called Mercy when she lectures the Doctor against sacrificing Kahler-Jex.

Matt and Karen's first photo shoot together
Matt and Karen's first photo shoot together

But this is not all, we were yet to meet Rory - Amy's boyfriend and the soon to be 'Last Centurion'. He was this really skinny guy in a nurse's uniform and looked so adorably like a kid. It was not until later in season 5 did we actually see Rory maturing. But it was only in season 7 that we realized how this kid grew up so fast into a man so mature and strong-willed.

Rory Williams
Rory Williams

The Doctor then makes a brilliant entrance into the hospital, where Prisoner Zero is hiding, with a fire truck. Soon Prisoner Zero is taken back by the Atraxi but not before it warned The Doctor about the Pandorica and the crack in the wall.

The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. The Silence will fall.

The minute I heard the word, my mind turned towards Pandora's box. Only later in the season do we start to gather that it is hardly anything like the Pandora's box.

The Doctor then decides this is all too easy and decides to call back the very aliens that were willing to destroy the planet. At this time, I was Rory, wondering why did he do that? But as he says, "Going away is good. Never returning is better." Towards the end of the episode we see a glimpse of eleven's ability to give a spectacular speech and scaring away the Atraxi.

Basically, RUN!
Basically, RUN!

The Doctor then dashes away when his TARDIS is ready, and the girl who waited has to waits some more. Two years to be precise, and just the night before her wedding and takes her away, which to me was rather anti-climatic.

This episode is rather close to my heart since it was my first stepping stone into being an obsessive whovian for over a year today. It is and forever shall be one of my favorites simply because there isn't a scene in the entire duration of this episode that I can say is not funny or entertaining. From the time the anchor fell out of the blue box, till the time we see Amy's wedding gown, every scene counted to be just as good, if not better than the last scene.


So tell me what you thought of this episode?


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