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I don't know about you guys but this has been a pretty disappointing Summer Movie Season for me. I mean all the big explosions and pretty scenery are there but a lot of them seem to lack substance, i mean they all look fantastic... except maybe Maleficent which kind of reminded me of Oz The Great and Powerful.

Edge of Tomorrow was the first movie that gave me any real sense of suspense and actually made me question the fate of the protagonists. I mean we all know Spider-Man's not gonna, die, Maleficent's not gonna die, Godzilla's not gonna die and that X-Men movie was actually trying to bring back characters from the dead so for me, there was no real threat in any of these movies. No, Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn't count considering the comic has been out for almost 50 years so there were no secrets there unless you refused to google Gwen Stacey.

Edge of Tomorrow is the first summer movie that actually didn't disappoint me, i left the theater thinking "That was actually really good" the movie kept me engaged the whole time. Had some funny parts, some serious parts, action and other sci-fi elements that were used super effectively plus a badass female character that carries a huge sword into battle! So what do you guys think, whats the best summer blockbuster so far?


Whats the best summer blockbuster for you?


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