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In 2012, Disney rolled the dice on a new adaptation of the century old icon known as "John Carter of Mars" in John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch. Unfortunately, the film bombed in the box office (along with everything else Kitsch touched that year, sadly).

Of course, Disney fully expected to develop a new, profitable franchise around the first movie, which would have included at least two sequels centering around the civil war soldier-turned-Mars-freedom-fighter.

On Friday, Andrew Stanton (the director of John Carter) Tweeted two images that reveal the planned titles for the unmade sequels...and they're pretty awesome:

Seriously though, these titles are definitely more interesting than "John Carter" (no disrespect intended).

You see, the movie itself wasn't that bad. It's biggest weakness was that it had to rely on word of mouth to sell tickets because its title was too specific and unrecognizable to the average moviegoer.

For example:

  • Casual Moviegoer #1: Hey, which movie should we watch?
  • Casual Moviegoer #2: Hmmm, well we already watched The Avengers for the sixth time last weekend. Hey, what's John Carter?
  • Casual Moviegoer #1: No idea! Probably a sequel to Coach Carter. Hey! Let's go see The Lorax! That's Dr. Seuss.

*High Five*

But if the film was called something like Gods of Mars, there's no telling how many more people would have been interested enough to go see it. Of course, the movie isn't very good anyway, but it's still sad that such a potentially good franchise was cut down so early.

Don't feel too bad for Stanton, though. He's now working on the long-awaited sequel to Pixar's Finding Nemo.

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