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Now that we are finally starting to see the beginning stages of Justice League come around I believe it's time we start thinking about the huge possibilities that we could see in the next few years.

We have heard non-stop back and forth internet debates on the recent developments regarding Zack Snyder's (Director of Batman V Superman) picks on Ben Affleck taking over the role of the World's Greatest Detective and Gal Gadot taking over the Lasso of Truth. I however am concentrating more on the possible recruits Snyder is going to bring in for the evil elements of the film. We know we already can look forward to Metropolis's baldest bad boy making a debut in the Man of Steel sequel but who else will make a guest appearance?

Let's look at some potentials. Obviously due to the fact that this is technically a direct sequel to Snyder's 2013 Man of Steel, one would assume that the main villains would be the enemies of Superman himself. That gives us quite a few options.

Doomsday- Let's look at his credentials. Killed Superman...Enough said. Doomsday however is a very powerful enemy in a lot of different Superman stories. I believe he should probably be used later on in the series. Possibly in the JLA movie.

Toyman- Recurring villain in not only Superman the Animated Series but also in a few Justice League animated films and even a couple seasons of Smallville. Now yes he is quite the humorous villain for a movie that is being based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, however Zack Snyder has the creative chops to turn the Toyman into a pretty dark character.

Solomon Grundy- Now granted he has had trouble with both Bats and Superman but I think that it could be a pretty bromantic bonding experience for Bruce and Clark to fight Solomon together.

Darkseid- Wait, on second thought let's leave him for Justice League.

With these options I don't think they could go wrong, or will they be going in the full direction of Batman fighting Superman. I think if I was the one doing the script (if only) I would go with Metallo as one of the main villains. I would make John Corben (alias of Metallo) be a victim of the carnage that happened in Metropolis in the first MOS caused by Superman and Zod. Then have Luthor use his power at Lexcorp to save Corbens life by making him Metallo in return for helping Lex take down Kent. This of course after a little feud building between Kent and Luthor. However that is just my opinion.


So tell me fans who should be in Dawn of Justice?


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