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At the newly completed "Avengers" Tower, Tony Stark- Head of Stark Industries and Hero also known as Iron Man, has a Press Conference to formally open the new Tower which was damaged during the Chitauri Invasion three years prior.

Tony Stark- "Welcome everyone, to the opening of what was *going* to be Stark Tower, but now I think it is more appropriate to name it Avengers' Tower, since this is...after all where it all went down."

Reporter #1 interrupts "Mr Stark... In light of the recent events surrounding the demise of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the revelation that it was in fact an Organization run by HYDRA, How will the Avengers handle their role now as an independent group of heroes now that.."

Tony Stark Interrupts her- "I'm sorry but the Avengers have always been an independent group- We were never the puppets of S.H.I.E.L.D. That's where I think you're mistaken. Um... SHIELD needed US way more than WE ever needed them. Especially after the Security Council tried to Nuke Manhattan..."

Reporters erupt into a frenzy of questions before he picks another to ask her question.

Reporter #2 "Mr Stark...Going back to the point about HYDRA and documents dumped on the Internet concerning Project Wide Awake- by former Agent Romanov, Do you have any information to share with us as to the whereabouts of Captain America and Miss Romanov- are they safe?"

Tony Stark turns to his assistant Maria Hill before turning back to the microphone- "Um...yeah, I can tell you this. Captain America was... *seriously wounded* in the mission to disable those rogue Helicarriers but I can assure you both He and Agent Romanov are recuperating and are in fine health now. And I would also like to say that we owe both Cap and Widow a great debt of gratitude- Especially me... because they had one of those Hellicarriers pointed at me right here..."

(Muffled laughter)

Reporter #3 "Mr Stark... On the subject of the Avengers, Are you in contact with all of the Team members? and how exactly do you call on them- Especially the one from Asgard- THOR?

Tony Stark- "Goldilocks?" (laughter) "Yeah, we have a Wassup App that we..." (more laughter) "No, Seriously all of the members will come if called..."

Reporter #4 interrupts "Even the former Operatives from S.H.I.E.L.D? How can you trust them given the events that unfolded just a few..."

Tony Stark-cuts in angrily "Hey, If there's anyone I trust in this world... It's these guys. They risked their *Lives* to save the World, remember? I owe them my life!" he composes himself, taking a drink from his glass of water.

Reporter #5 "Mr Stark, are there any new members that have joined your team? During the take-down of the Hellicarriers It was noted that Captain America had the aid of a flying person..."

Tony Stark- "Falcon? Yeah, Falcon's pretty cool," (laughter) "Falcon also needs to be recognized for his heroic efforts... I tell you- I would love to do some design work on his Wings...maybe make a few improvements... but yeah, Falcon has an open invitation to join us anytime..."

Reporter #6 "And what about the Iron Patriot Mr Stark? Is he also a member of the Avengers?"

Tony Stark- "Um... Only if he gets rid of that god-awful name and goes back to War Machine...'Cause War Machine rocks!" (more laughter) Stark adds- "And lose that paint job... please!" (laughter continues)

Reporter #7 "And what of The Hulk Mr Stark? Rumor has it that the Hulk is right here in this facility... Is that true?"

Tony Stark- "Um... Sort of." (nervous laughter) "Look... I think the Hulk proved that he is not this uncontrollable Green Rage Monster that everyone thought he was..." (more laughter)

Reporter #7 "Speaking of control Mr Stark, Who is in control of the Avengers now? Who leads them? Is it you?"

Tony Stark- "No...We don't really have a set leader. We all work Together..."

Cue the Title Sequence and the theme music plays...


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