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If you could get one director to do a movie about a huge Marvel Comic hero... Who would you choose? That's right... Edgar Wright! Wait... Adam McKay... no? GODDAMNIT! Will ANYONE do Ant-Man? WHOOP, Not you Rawson Marshall... And not you, Ruben Fleischer.

Who, oh who will direct [Ant-Man](movie:9048)?

BOOM... Payton Reed.

What? That guy who did that Yes Man flick with the funny guy from The Truman Show?

Yes, if you've ever wanted to see Ant Man get down and dirty like the girls from 'Bring It On', then look to this dude! His lucky streak with getting television shows cancelled is second to NONE!

Ah yes, The name Payton Reed will be on everyone's lips as this blockbuster director will blow you away... Did you know, He once acted as a Movie Usher in a TV Movie of The Shaggy Dog? What? I KNOW! Brilliant!


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