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As you may have already heard, Stephen King's IT (1990) is getting the all too familiar remake treatment. As the original cinema adaptation was a TV Miniseries, New Line cinema has decided to break the story into two different movies. (The more money they can make, the better right?) The first will show the 'Loser Club' as kids, and when they battled the clown, and the second will show the same group of seven people as adults, thirty years later as they have to battle 'IT' again.

Although I'm definitely on the 'anti-remake train' I do have faith in New Line cinema, as they have produced some pretty awesome movies in the past. (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of The Living Dead, The Evil Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise, Se7en, Freddy vs Jason, Friday the 13th (2009), The Conjuring and many more!)

As of yet, there is no word on who will be playing the infamous Pennywise the clown, but there were some awful rumors about comedian 'Carrot Top' signing up for the role. Luckily they were just rumors, so you have nothing to worry about! Personally, I would love to see Tim Curry come back and have at least a cameo role, perhaps he could play the father of one of the kids?

So as I said in the title of this article, New Line Cinema are aiming to get an 'R' rating for their new movies. I personally think of this as a good thing, because the original movie was no where near as scary or as good as the book (in my opinion). To be perfectly honest, although I am normally 110% against remaking movies, I think it could be a good idea with this one as the original movie really was kinda...bad. The *only* good thing about this film was Tim Curry's awesome performance, which is why I think it would be so great for him to come back, just like how Doug Bradley is coming back for the Hellraiser reboot.

So what do you guys think? Are you for, or against an IT remake, and who could you see playing Pennywise?


Does 'IT' deserve a remake?


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