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Hoped you enjoyed!

Every quote was confirmed from their scripts.

  • 1. The Blind Side "Sandra Bullock"
  • 2. The Dark Knight "Heath Ledger"
  • 3. 300 "Lena Headey"
  • 4. Blood Diamond "Leonardo DiCaprio"
  • 5. Heat "Robert De Niro"
  • 6. I am Legend "Will Smith"
  • 7. Pretty Woman "Julia Roberts"
  • 8. The Avengers "Chris Evans"
  • 9. Dirty Dancing "Patrick Swayze"
  • 10. Four Brothers "Chiwetel Ejiofor"
  • 11. Lawless "Tom Hardy"
  • 12. The Godfather "Al Pacino"

Check your score below:

1-2 correct

You've lived under a rock for way too long.

3-5 correct

Mommy just started letting you come out at night, but not without your training diapers.

6-8 correct

You know your movies couch potato.

9-11 correct

You're officially a Movie Buff! CONGRATULATIONS you won a complimentary photo of a kids drink, popcorn, and 3D glasses.

12 correct

You are reborn as Loki himself. With your godlike powers you are able to make everyone KNEEL before you, so you can cut them in line at the cinema.


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