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Gary Turner

Long time television commercial producer/animator, and lifelong RPGer Gary Turner launches a first comic series venture through Kickstarter. This is a story set in a realm of fantasy d20 gaming that could coincide with Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. These are all the rules, spells, creatures that you've come to know, love, and gained XP upon.

Only thing is, this is a story with a twist. What if a 12 year old boy from another, more advanced world were to become stranded in our world of swords & sorcery?

Our Kickstarter launched Sunday, June 1st and runs for only 45 days. We're looking to reach a goal of $5000. Beyond that initial target are stretch goals with further hidden loot awaiting to be cracked. There's rewards of creator signed limited editions, t-shirts, prints, original pencil art, and even skateboards.

We are already further along than most. Our team has completed the first two issues and are in current production on the third. There are bigger plot points that lead out for a ways down the road. This is where those seeds are planted for unimaginable outcomes later.

Technically Magi is series for those than enjoyed the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or even the legendary tales of Drizzt. This is an epic fantasy adventure seen through new inexperienced eyes.

Our Team

Carlos E. Gómez (Madrid) - You may have seen some of Carlos's amazing pencil work with Dynamite Entertainment on Pathfinder, Goblins, and some work on Spidey for Marvel.

Eddy-Swan (Brisbane) - Our stunning colorist's work has appeared in comics for Image, Zenescope Entertainment, IDW, and Archaia Entertainment, as well as several indy creations.

Gary Turner (Honolulu) - Known for award-winning animated commercials locally in the Hawaiian islands, is bringing along his TV script writing experience into comics, not as a newcomer, but as a fan since childhood.

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