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We don't know if it is the LexCorp building, but it is a LexCorp building.


From Chad of University of MUSCLE:

Sorry for the poor quality. I tried to snap a quick picture. I had a tired little leaguer that was ready to go home after a morning practice.

It's assumed that the blue X is the 'x' in LexCorp. It's an office building and apparently, they were constructing around there for weeks.

Another possibility for this could be STAR Labs, but we'll just have to wait and see. This is where YOUR imagination takes place. Leave a comment below or vote guessing what LexCorp or other building this could be.


What building is this?

I know it's not as cool as the Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman costume, but this is just one thing of many things to happen this week!

As for Monday, it's probably the Batcave, and not the Wonder Woman suit to be revealed. Though, the Wonder Woman suit and Trinity photo release are both inevitable!

Source: University of MUSCLE

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