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Ok. So here's the thing. I did read the book. And honestly? I wasn’t blown away by it. I thought it was ok, but not as good as everyone hyped it up to be. I thought Augustus was super pretentious, I predicted the ending, and I didn’t cry at all, which everyone told me I would. I only teared up at one part, and it was with her and her dad, not with the main relationship at all.

So, if you haven’t gotten angry and x-ed out of this post after reading that first paragraph, congratulations. I went and saw this with my sister because she really wanted to go, and you know what, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I thought Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort had a lot of natural chemistry together. Although it took me a few to get over the fact that the last movie I saw the two of them in they were playing brother and sister…Anyway, Elgort actually made me like Gus. So that was huge. (I did roll my eyes at the cigarette metaphor bit but how can you not make that sound pretentious.) While watching this movie, I actually truly cared about Gus and Hazel. It's not like I didn't care about them in the book, I guess it just became more so by seeing them on a screen.

Also, I think I made up for not crying in the book during the movie. There was plenty of that going on.

Another thing that helped was the screenplay. I liked it a lot. It kept everything really light and funny until it couldn’t be. The other place where it succeeded was knowing what to keep from the book and what to cut. It kept the good stuff from the book, and cast aside some of the longer, ranty/rambling, unnecessary passages and sections.

So, I’m pretty sure this is going to be the one and only time I say this, so cherish it: The movie was better than the book.


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