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Synopsis: An older Hank Pym stands before the notorious Jewel Thief, Scott Lang in an FBI interrogation cell at Quantico.

Scott Lang looks at him nervously, trying to size him up as he sits in the chair handcuffed to the table before him.

Lang- "Aren't you a little old to be an FBI agent?...I thought you guys had a good retirement plan or something," he says jokingly.

Pym smiles before sitting down to regard Lang face to face. "I had a retirement plan Mr Lang," he replies patting his hand on a thick manila envelope in front of him. "Back in the day...I used to be a Scientist, Hand picked by Howard Stark to work in the newly formed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Strategic Scientific Reserve," he added seeing Lang's eyes widen and fear creep into his expression.

Pym continued- "Imagine my dismay when I found out the very Organization I worked for...gave my life's Work for... turned out to be a front for HYDRA!"

Lang was visibly sweating now. "'re're not going to do experiments on me? 'cause I..."

Pym continued talking over him- "Mr Lang... back in the 60's I did some work on particle manipulation...On the ability to take objects and greatly reduce them in size, Or...expand them exponentially to unbelievable size..."

Lang- "Wow...that would be great for shipping companies," joked Lang. "Really cut down on.."

Pym- "Mr Lang, What I'm trying to tell you is I have a deal for you. If you agree to do something for me, the FBI has agreed to grant you a Full Pardon," he explained.

Lang looked visibly worried now- "Look... I know you HYDRA guys are ruthless and all..."

Pym slammed his fist down on the table. Lang noted that he seemed pretty strong for an old guy, Stronger than he should be.

"I AM NOT HYDRA!" declared Hank Pym, waiting a few seconds to compose himself.

Pym- "I thought I was working for an Organization that was doing good in this world...That had defeated HYDRA," He continued looking down at his envelope with an expression of regret. "Mr Lang... in the 60's I built a suit that could do all those things I just told you about... To A Man, but It wasn't the only suit I built," he added opening the manila envelope and showing Lang several odd looking photographs. Lang looked over the pictures with an incredulous expression. "I still have this one," continued Pym, pointing at the Ant-Man suit. "But the others are locked up somewhere... and this one," he continued, pointing at a old faded color photograph. "This one can make a man 60 feet tall," he said, seeing Lang's look of disbelief. "Can you imagine what Hydra could do with technology like that?" He asked, looking deep into Lang's eyes with a penetrating stare. Lang nodded slowly.

Pym- "Mr Lang... I want you to help me get those suits back."

Big Heroes come in small packages!
Big Heroes come in small packages!

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