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Star Wars is all over the Internet at the moment. With news of the new Disney released J.J. Abrams movies and the various spin offs in the work, Star Wars fans are at excitement level 11. So it is always awesome to see some new Star Wars art coming our way.

Hero Complex have just released some great looking Star Wars prints by Chris Skinner. What makes these pictures stand apart from the tons of Star Wars art already out there, is the perspective of the prints. Let us turn to Hero Complex to let them explain a little bit more about this.Hero Complex Gallery is honoured to present the first prints in a new limited edition print series by Chris Skinner entitled “Viewpoints”.

Each set of Viewpoints prints in Chris’s new series will present opposing points of view, creating a unique ‘viewpoint’ for each one.

Starting with some true classics, we kick off this series with the iconic X-Wing and TIE-Fighter spaceships.

Chris Skinner had this to say on this exciting concept:

“With these illustrations I wanted to convey a sense realism, weight and functionality that is synonymous with so many vehicles throughout the Star Wars universe. Viewed as a frozen moment in time as battle commences and illustrated with an archival old world feel to reflect the ‘worn’ universe” and nostalgia of the original films.”

Below are the two prints that have been released so far with hopefully more to come. The great thing is that when you buy these two you get the print “Giving Chase” for free!

Prints can be purchased here. Text from

X-Wing Ambush.
X-Wing Ambush.
'Giving Chase' bonus print with each set bought.
'Giving Chase' bonus print with each set bought.

Limited Edition Timed Release - Edition Size to be determined at the close of sale on Monday, June 9 at 11:59pm PST.

Matching Numbered Set of 3 - 'X-Wing Ambush', 'TIE-Fighter Defence', and bonus print 'Giving Chase'.

3 colour screen prints with metallic inks.

Approximately 18" x 24".

Prints can be purchased here:

Some detail shots:

Thanks for looking!


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