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This weekend in the US we had two very different movies open. Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and The Fault In Our Stars starring Shailene Woodley, so which came out on top?

1) The Fault In Our Stars - $48.2 Million

2) Maleficent - $33.5 Million

3) Edge Of Tomorrow - $29.1 Million

4) X-Men Days Of Future Past - $14.7 Million

5) A Million Ways To Die In The West - $7.1 Million

This was a disappointing week for me, I had really hoped it would be at the number 1 spot because it is a fantastic film and it deserves a lot more money than it earned this weekend. Hopefully the word of mouth on this movie makes people go and see it in the coming weeks. I can't blame people for not going out to see it though because the marketing campaign was quite bad. If you are one of those people who didn't go and see Edge Of Tomorrow, I really do recommend that you go and see it, its one of the best movies of the year but next week we have 22 Jump Street and How To Train Your Dragon 2 coming out so I its not looking good for Edge Of Tomorrow.

Maleficent surprisingly stayed strong this weekend, I didn't like the film so the fact that it beat Edge Of Tomorrow is quite sad for me.

And The Fault In Our Stars taking the top spot, I haven't yet had the chance to go and see it because I live in the UK and it only releases here in a couple of weeks but I am very excited to see it because it looks really great.

Also this week Captain America: The Winter Soldier surpassed The Lego Movie in box office so it is now the highest earning movie in the US this year so far!

Not the best week at the Box Office for some movies but congrats to The Fault In Our Stars, I hear its great and can't wait to see it! Thanks as always for reading guys, make sure you go to for all the best articles on everything happening in the world of the Box Office and have a good week guys! But before you leave make sure you check out my reviews for these movies!:

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