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During the first half of season four of AMC's hit zombie apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead, the prison became plagued with that mysterious flu-like disease that killed many survivors. Remember when Patrick (portrayed by Vincent Martella, voice of Phineas in "Phineas and Ferb") contracted the disease and reanimated towards the end of the season four premiere episode, "30 Days Without An Accident?" That was when we were introduced to the disease-ridden, bloody-eyed walkers; also, Patrick was the first character to be killed by that fatal disease.

Patrick reanimated, w/ bloody eyes
Patrick reanimated, w/ bloody eyes

Then, during the second half of season four, we were introduced to the rather cool-looking burnt walkers that tried to attack Lizzie, Mika, Carol and Tyreese in "The Grove":

Where did these come from?
Where did these come from?

Now, it seems like at least some of those flesh-ingesting, blood-thirsty walkers are about to be physically transformed again, thanks in part to the show's special effects guy, Greg Nicotero.

Speaking in an interview with the AMC blog, Nicotero promised to unleash his particular set of makeup skills again for this upcoming season:

These walkers have been around for what we estimate to be a year and a half, so there’s a lot more exposed bone and skin falling off. We’ve got a whole new look on some of these featured walkers. It’s exciting.

Oh boy, it sounds like we are about to witness walkers in their most disgusting of forms yet. It does make perfect sense, though. In fact, I have always wondered why the makers of 'TWD' never showed more walkers with decaying skin, as the zombie apocalypse has indeed been occurring for quite a while in the show's timeline. And, I have always been of the mindset that a walker's skin is a lot more fragile than a human's.

Also, and interestingly enough, Nicotero was asked what he would be afraid to do when it came to putting together zombies and special effects. His response was:

The zombie baby thing, in our world, is tricky — they did it in the Dawn of the Dead remake, and they did it pretty well. I think kids and babies would be the first ones to be eaten because they’re more vulnerable and defenseless. It’s a little harder to imagine that they would have survived long enough to become a walker.

This would explain why we hardly see child walkers roaming around. Another possible explanation could be that those who survived the initial outbreak of the apocalypse just simply abandoned any desire that might have had before of bringing babies into the world, learning full well along the way that their chances of survival in such a brutal world is minimized extensively. As a result, less human babies means less walker babies.

Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like walkers will once again be an intimidating and seemingly overwhelming obstacle that Rick and Co. will have to go through in the constant battle for survival, not to mention those who hold them captive at Terminus. For season five, maybe walkers will pose more of a threat than human beings, which has not really been the case all that much lately.

To read the rest of Nicotero's interview with the AMC blog, click here.

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Do you think that, for season five, walkers will pose more of a threat to Rick and co. than other humans?

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