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Kenneth Holt

I really wanted to like “The Edge of Tomorrow”, after all I am generally a science fiction fan and I usually like Tom Cruise movies. But there is very little originality or uniqueness to appreciate or remember here. Of course, like all modern CGI action movies, it looks incredible, if not overly familiar; there’s the cybernetic exoskeletons with mounted machine guns (ala Matrix Revolutions, Avatar) along with frenetically violent action sequences as they fight weird, tentacled aliens (now where’d I see that…Matrix again!). There’s often an OVERWHELMING amount of things going on onscreen at any given time. And of course there’ the obligatory crack, well equipped military squad who come to realize that they are up against insurmountable odds (Aliens, Starship Troopers, Avatar... shall I go on?) along with a plot that allows for a “Groundhog Day” reset every time you get killed. Well, what you end up with is a video game, not a movie plot.

By this time, I guess some of you are saying: “Duh? Captain Obvious…”, to which I would reply: “Well EX-CUUUUUSE ME for expecting something more than the functional equivalent of a creatively over sampled rap song passing for a decent sci-fi movie!”. Alas…I’m sure that if you come from the Xbox generation, you will find it wonderful (geez, I feel old!). My verdict: 6 stars (out of ten).


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