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So i've been kinda racking my brain over how the plot to Frozen had so many holes in it due to the creators decision to not make Elsa a villain and that made me wonder, could the story have still made sense if they went through and made her a villain after all? The reason i think this is because of the improper villain build up of Hans and even the misuse of a possible lead villain in the Duke of Weselton.

So you have two semi male leads in Kristoff and Hans, the likelihood of two male leads and two female leads screams couples. Based off of their backgrounds, if Hans hadn't turned evil, he would have hooked up with Anna which leaves Kristoff to hook up with Elsa. Kristoff and Elsa pairing off makes perfect sense based off of Kristoff's profession in the ice business, when he sees Elsa's ice castle, he thinks its the most beautiful thing ever, ice is his thing and ice is Elsa's thing, it totally works. Lets not forget that Kristoff has Sven and Elsa has Olaf who she created and Kristoff's family of trolls has dealt with Elsa when she was a kid meaning his family has no fear of Elsa's magical powers and accept her for who she is.

Ok, so my thinking is that if Elsa became the villain, she would have most likely been squaring off against the Duke of Weselton while Anna and Prince Hans tried to stop her with Kristoff and Hans possibly squaring off as well. Of course by this time, Kristoff would have at least been friends with Elsa, probably since they were kids since thats when Kristoff first noticed Elsa, they should have kept in touch into adulthood somehow. Anyways, during the fight between Elsa and the Duke of Weselton's guard or army or whatever, it would have been up to Anna to save Elsa from death thus opening Elsa's eyes and heart and bringing her back from her villainous ways. In this manner she would have still been the villain but in the end she wouldn't have been killed off as is the fate of most Disney Villains. Elsa would have been the first reformed villain which is something i don't think Disney has ever done in their movies... and the message of Sisterly Love still gets used.

So what do you guys think, I personally think seeing Elsa as a villain and then having her come back from that could have totally worked and been a much more compelling and cohesive story with multiple set ups and payoffs. Opinions, thoughts, i wanna know. Thanks for reading.


Would Elsa have been better as a reformed villain?


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