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I will be talking about the future of Marvel and DC films. I am also on Comics Amino!
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In my posts I will talk about future MCU, and DC universe movies I would like to see and how they should be done. I will try to post every two days or so, and my movies will connect. My topics could have possible spoilers but no synopsis because I don't work for Marvel or DC I just like good movies, and comic books.

Before we get started does anyone want to get out.

Falcon haves to come back for this movie because he is Cap sidekick, and he would balances the movie. In [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) we see the Falcon escape the collapsed Triskelion and Brock Rumlow with horrible burns which most likely means he will be Crossbones in this one. I would hope he wants to kill Falcon the most in this movie, and as an addition to Avengers: Age of Ultron I want to see the Falcon get the ability to communicate with birds as in the comics by either touching the mind gem or the cosmic cube.

The main reason why she would definitely come into this is because she is Caps love interest, and I would love to see how Cap deals with the fact he's dating Peggy niece.

In Captain America we saw Johann get beamed to another realm, so he could come back and like most of the Steve Rodger universe most of the characters that surround him have been frozen. While as a child Loki could have found Red Skull body in a glacier on Niffleheim and never thought of it until [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) (which has a scene where loki is the ruler of Asgard) and Captain America TWS( where Baron von Strucker has Loki Sceptre). Loki could have defrost Johann and being the evil self he is he take the Sceptre and uses the Cosmic Cube to go to Earth where he gives it to BvS to test it on people. The main reason why i want him also back is to make Arnim Zola suit and a futre Cable for another topic.

Sin is essentially epic because she is the Red Skull daughter and could become Crossbones love interest in a future movie as in the comics. the way i would tie her into all this is say that Red Skull came to earth right after Loki defrost had a kid, and just like the comics had a child with some lady and was expecting a boy but had a girl and was mad but Susan Scarbo raise the child, and the skull came back when she was a child and accelerated her aging process.

Of course you have to bring back my man the Winter Soldier. in this movie he and Cap should have a couple of jokes and talk about the past. He should be the one who dismantles Arnim Zola in the movie because of his past being corrupted by him and Alexander Pierce.

I know I'm not making the movie, but the post-credits scene should definitely have the one and only Black panther. In this scene he should be T'challa of course and looking at wakanda. Their has to be a end credit scene and it should show Baron Zemo looking down at a picture of his dad and the camera goes up to show his mask.

The only reference this movie would need now is Steve Rodgers walking through a Airport with Sharon Carter at his side and then he sees a three Air force members and then looks at one of the members name tag and it says Carol Danver.


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