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With most of Season 7, which is also the final season of this most awesome and worldwide smash hit of a show, many of us are wondering what gives. What with the introduction of Julia, played by the smoking hot, Heather Graham, not to mention she's the new baby mama, and the mildly awkward and weird son, Levron, played by Oliver Cooper (of The Hangover III & Project X fame) thrown in the mix.

All the while we are still left wondering what the state of Hank and Karen's Union is (relationship). Now, as I've stated in my previous posting in regards to the now airing final season of Californication I didn't expect them to ride out into the sunset. No such luck at a happier ever after but now with the flashbacks that Hank recalled all the while waiting for any word on Karen's condition as she lay up in the hospital after a drunk driver broadsided her vehicle and the reason behind that being that they were going to discuss some issue. I mean, something has to give and hell I want them to get their shit together and stay together and ride off in Hank's Porsche into the Sunset as cliche and mushy as that sounds.

And then you have Marcy and Charlie beginning to piece things together in their own sorted marriage and wondering what they could've possibly been thinking about even considering Stew's proposition. They need the cash badly but Runks told her another way would present itself and they just started kissing. And then the flashback with all of them getting together for dinner and how they got along and talk about the chemistry this cast has. You could cut it with a knife and it is what makes this show so memorable and an all-time classic.
Well, that's my 2 cents worth. Sound off below and let me know how you feel about this season as a whole and the Hank/Karen relationship and the new baby mama and Hank's other offspring.


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