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DC comics is making possibly its biggest live action movie ever. We are having their biggest heroes battle in one movie, with Lex Luthor thrown in. We also have Wonder Woman in the movie, and rumors of many Easter eggs, leading to more heroes. With all that in mind, which plot lines could DC's trinity do? Well I have 3 ideas that could work.

Batman:The Killing Joke

Agreed by most Batman fans to be the best Joker comic ever. Now I dont think this should be the new batman film we see. I see it more as a sequel. The Killing Joke is about The Joker escaping Arkham once more, to corrupt Commissioner Gordon, to show that even the greatest man can become as Dark as him and Batman. We see flashbacks of how the Joker possibly became who he is(The comic makes you wonder if this 'past' is real or all in his head. Remember the multiple choice line?) We learn how similar The Clown Prince, and The Dark Knight are, and leaves off with a ending that makes you wonder if Batman ended his long struggle with his foe. This comic has influenced the first Batman film, and the Nolan film. A rumored animated adaption has be speculated, with fan favorite Mark Hamill returning to one of his famous roles. Lets hope this one gets made soon.

Wonder Woman: The Circle

A revist to her origins this story is considered one of the best storylines for Wonder Woman. It was also the bases for the wonder woman animated movie. This comic is Diana at her best, and even shows that even without her powers, she is a powerful woman, which will make her character stronger in the live action films

Man of Steel:Superman vs The Elite

What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?" is my favorite Superman comic. It was adapted into animated movie, which was amazing. The story is about Superman facing a group of young 'heroes' who like to kill the villains. The comic could work as a live action movie. Here is why. Superman killed Zod(fan either love or hate that) in Man of Steel. This could give him his No kill rule, and have him build his boyscout, old fashioned rules. I hope this gets made to a movie, if not then I have the animated version to watch

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