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Mark Hamill is best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Simpsons!

Some might say he is a washed up actor... and he is, if you consider working almost every single day on children programing, not working. If you don't consider it, than you're probably pretty wrong, not only wrong, you've got to be dumb as well.

This guy has worked on over 250 different projects in his career, which has spanned well over 3 years! WELL OVER!

Lets compare Mr Hamill to the "Super Star" Harrison Ford.

Harrison grew up to build the automobile company "Ford", born to poor black parents, Harrison knew his life was set for stardom.

Mark Hamill has over 250 projects to his name... Mr. Money-Bags Ford has 68. And I'm quite sure you can wipe off the latest Indiana Jones flick [WHICH THEY'RE MAKING ANOTHER ONE!], and lets face it, we can pretty much wipe the last 10 years off, too. No one likes "vagina-neck" Ford these days. [Personally speaking for every person on earth]

Now I'm not saying Mr. Hamill is an actual Jedi, but c'mon... C'MON!

It is rumored that he and Chuck Norris have punched it out, with Mr Hamill giving the winning blow, and this is why you do not hear Chuck Norris jokes anymore. Every time someone mentions Mr Hamill's name, an angel gets her wings.

Why the fuss over Mark Hamill? This guy has a Jedi Beard now, and is instantly cooler.

That is all.



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