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So Brave was not exactly one of the most well received princess movies in Disney's history but it was Pixar's first attempt at a princess movie and to that end i think they succeeded for their first outing. When Brave was first announced, there was a lot of buzz for this movie, a feisty, fiercely independent, tomboy princess, the keyword being tomboy. This was kind of unprecedented for Disney and i think that's what got everyone so excited, i mean she was marketed with a weapon, that's never been done with a Disney Princess before, bow and arrows are literally this princess costume's accessories.

The world of Brave was very mysterious, not overly developed but there were undertones of a more magically fantastic world that we never got to explore the way that the story unfolded but it was definitely hinted at. The magical wisps go completely unexplained, the Wood Carver tries to hide the fact that she's a witch and then just bolts and is never seen again in the entire movie, where was she going, for what, why, nobody knows. Lets not forget the fact that another individual had been cursed as a bear and lost all their humanity, clearly there were dark forces at work in this world and we never got to see any of it.

Pixar planted so many seeds in the world of Brave that it makes me wonder if they were intending for this to have a sequel or maybe even be a full blown trilogy on the big screen which would have been another Disney first.The suitors that are introduced to Merida show that this is an expansive world with multiple Kingdoms to explore. Not to mention, Merida had a complete family, they were crazy, goofy, didn't all get along but everyone was there, a mom, a dad, brothers and they were there from the beginning until the end of the credits, nobody died, the family stayed in tact, that has to be a Disney first!

So what do you guys think, if Pixar can make sequels out of Cars and Monsters Inc., i definitely think Brave deserves another shot because i think we could end up somewhere amazing and Merida is just the princess to get us there. Thanks for reading everyone.


Should Brave get a sequel?


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