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This is the first of a series of battles I am going to do. In each of these battles I will give the scenario that this fight is taking place in, the abilities of each character, notable achievements of each character, and if they are less known characters that many may not be completely familiar with, I will give a bio of the characters.

Scenario: Hulk and Doomsday are in a city and are both rampaging throughout the city Suddenly, they run into on another and they start fighting:



  • Immense Strength (Said to have "no finite element inside" by the Beyonder (no limit to his strength))
  • Gets stronger as he gets angrier
  • Nearly invulnerable (has withstood the equivalent of solar temperatures, nuclear explosions, and planet-shattering impacts)
  • Healing factor (heals from most wounds immediately, once healed when 99% of his body was destroyed)
  • Adaptability (can adapt to many different types of environment: grew tissues to allow him to breathe underwater once) (can live in nearly any condition)

Notable Achievements:

  • At different times has been shown to shake the planet by stomping, destroy planet sized objects, and defeat various high powered villains when he is enraged.



  • Immense strength (has been able to stand his ground against the entire Justice League)
  • Healing factor (heals from wounds almost instantly; once was cut in half by a plasma sword and still regenerated quickly)
  • Nearly invulnerable (has withstood the full force of Darkseid's Omega Effect)
  • Adaptability (cannot be defeated the same way twice) (can live in nearly any conditions)
  • Super speed (hit the Flash while the Flash was running once)

Notable Achievements:

  • He killed Superman (one of the only villains ever to kill a superhero)
  • Defeated Darkseid


So who would win in a fight: Hulk or Doomsday?


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