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So, no matter what DC does, they will be seen as "copying Marvel." We can say what we want about the subject, but every has a different view of how the DCCU should be built. I have quite a few ideas of how the DCCU can evolve and set itself aside from Marvel. Here's how it can:

Animated Universe

Young Justice
Young Justice

What if you make animated shows with the voice actors being the actual actors in the live action movies? Think about it! This is a good idea for people who like animated shows and movies (like myself) because of the following:

  • The younger crowd would be more familiar with the characters and their background story.
  • It gives you an idea of how to executed an origin movie properly.
  • It can compete with some of the heavyweights in animated shows (Like the entire Avatar series.)
  • Prepares the actors for their roles in future movies.

The Actors!

The voice actors should be the actors in the live action movies. This prepares the actors for the hardships and the struggles the character goes through. Also, it's a good way to test the actor for said role, so in a way it's a training ground or an assessment. With that being said, you should already know who I want to voice act the characters.

Gal Gadot

If fans really want to see just what she's made of, then why not a Wonder Woman animated series starring her! This will truly get her ready for the role because it's not always the physical aspects of an actor that would get people sold.

Henry Cavill

Yup, old news. Anyway, This would further the character development of Henry Cavill's Superman. Maybe the show should be a different interpretation of the MoS, a continuation, or an origin. We just need to prepare the Cavill for all the baggage that is Superman. You know what the next one is!

Ben Affleck

People are still enrage about the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman along with other casting. This, however, is an opportunity for Ben to prove to people that he can be Batman! This might give people faith with the actor.

Okay, so we got that out of the way with the obvious casting, let's talk about the future casting. With Ray Fisher just the casting, why not put him to work with voice acting to?

Another thing to put out there is to have the extra roles for future characters be played by people who would be consider for role. People like Martian Manhunter, Artemis, Supergirl, Kid Flash, Vandal Savage and the list goes on.
One major factor that can be exploded is this

Warner Brothers & DC Entertainment

It seems like Warner Brothers doesn't involve DC Entertainment. Well, I mean they do, but not in the way we want. This would be a perfect way for all the branches of Warner Bros to work together, and that includes the comic writers too. This is a chance for no one to be excluded in this project. Innovative thinking is key, so the best of the best should be involved.

This was just a crazy Idea I came up with and it would be hard to do because in a way voice acting is different from live action and it would take time for EVERYBODY to do this enormous project

What do you think? Leave a comment below! If you like this idea, then please share it and let's see how far it spreads!


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