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Major Spoilers!

In every Game of Thrones season, you can guarantee that episode 9 will have a big moment that will probably eclipse the season’s finale. Baelor from Season 1 had the death of Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark (how long ago that seems now), Season 2 had the awesome battle sequences that came with Blackwater (hint: the same director who did Blackwater is also directing The Watchers On The Wall) and of course Season 3 had the infamous Rains of Castemere – and well, pretty much everybody knows what happened in that episode. And then came season 4, The Watchers On The Wall.

Jon Snow’s storyline has often been among the weakest sections of Season 4 but thankfully The Watchers on the Wall turned that all around, with an entire Night’s Watch-centric episode that handled the siege very well indeed. It was pulled off amazingly well with some spectacular action sequences and it felt very similar to the siege of Helm’s Deep in the second Lord of the Rings movie – except only without Gandalf arriving at the end to save the day.

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