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Now here's a shocker. Somebody else coming to the defense of Edgar Wright. Not like everybody hasn't already run to his side; from Michael Douglas to Feige to George R. R. Martin for frikes sake!! So, let's just add one last name to the list; Simon Pegg!

Ok, now, I LOVE Simon Pegg! I love the Cornetto Trilogy! BUT, as I have stated before, that doesn't mean that Wright is the end all, be all of [Ant-Man](movie:9048). Ant Man existed before him. Ant Man will exist after him. And, knowing Marvel's track record, it will be at the very least a good film.

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So, considering the source and how close these two are, I take this with about as much weight as George R. R. Martin putting his two cents in with no idea what's actually needing to be done in this film. I agree with Simon. It would probably be a 'Daring, fun, funny (redundant?) and hugely exciting' movie.

However, it would not be what Marvel or [The Avengers](movie:9040) FRANCHISE would need. We have enough people rethinking the wheel in comics (FOX much?) and not enough learning how to put together a comprehensive story. Wright is good on his own. As a part of the whole, I didn't have a lot of faith in him to begin with.

So, in the end, thanks Simon, but bugger off, please!


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