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A new meaning to Spidey senses if you catch my drift...

There's no surprise that South Korea has very strange customs, including the highly popular, K-Pop! But, I'm not sure if my love for Spider-Man can handle these images...

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My precious childhood memories, gone!
My precious childhood memories, gone!

Are you trying to figure out why there's a sculpture of Spider-Man with a raging boner on a building? This is what artist Eunsuk Yoo had to say about his "masterpiece." Also, the erect sculpture is over a children's playground of all things!

"My reason for making this piece was to apply the natural and physical phenomenon to a Superhero and depict it natural in the morning without lies and being superficial in a comical way." - Eunsuk Yoo

Pretty much the dude has a hard on for [The Amazing Spider-Man](movie:45497), like... literally? If you want to see this gorgeous piece visit Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea.


Would you buy an Amazing-Erect Spider-Man statue?

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