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We just saw the new trailer to the new MMA action-adventure film 'Brutal,' and we have to say that the title isn't just right on the money, but made us think of what these mixed martial artists actually eat right before they have a bloody match-up.

The first food that came to us was of course a bloody steak.

When you beat someone to a bloody-pulp you can't help but think of a bloody steak, right?

Which made us wonder, why they decided to serve it well done in the trailer.

Regardless, it got our minds thinking of a scenario about a fighter ordering his pre-match meal at his favorite restaurant.

To our surprise what came out was a poem that we now could use whenever our waiter takes too long to serve us our food.

Feel free to use it yourself, especially if the restaurant you're eating at has specials on noodles.

Check out the cool poem and watch the Brutal trailer here.


Just how brutal was the 'Brutal' trailer?


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