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Well, we all want it, whether you think so or not, we are ready for another adventure. And with so many recasting polls, I thought it'd be interesting and just have us, the fans, write out the important aspects of our dream adventure.

So let's begin. First I must explain that this is merely a foundation round, as we try to narrow the broad scope which is the Indiana Jones franchise. These questions will start general and advance to precise details.

First off is, quite a broad but nevertheless essential question we must ask ourselves when pondering Indiana Jones 5. Reboot, or continuation? Do we start over with a fresh face and new blood, or to we preserve our veteran Jones, Harrison Ford? When voting, keep in mind that this "replacement" isn't a specific actor, so just assume it's your top choice against Ford.


Keep Ford or reboot the character?

Second, and coincidentally, in my opinion, always the second most important character in any Jones adventure, is the setting. The setting breathes life into his situation and offers even more bang for the buck. There are two parts to the setting that define an adventure, and that'd be both the time and place. Do we want to see Indiana venture to more exotic locales, or return to more tested panoramas?


What type of terrain should Indiana encounter?

PLEASE NOTE: for the time period, remember your choice from the first poll, as it isn't logical to put Harrison Ford back into World War II, and if you want a reboot, it makes more sense to put him in a time that Ford can't pull manage.


What time period should the film take place in?

And lastly, for this Round, we must define the last fundamental piece of the journey, the MacGuffin, of for those uninformed on nerd vernacular, the goal or prize. In this series, we've had equal parts theological (Christian) artifacts (the ark and the holy grail), as well as supernatural artifacts (Shankara stones and Crystal Skull). It's important for remember your choice for the second poll, as supernatural influences are more profound in some places on the globe, and the same goes for theological. It'll become more important later on. Two other options, simply 'religious', and 'Fortune and Glory', have been added if a new type of MacGuffin wanted to be chosen. An example of a "religious" artifact would be Pandora's Box, part of ancient Greek polytheism, yet not simply supernatural. Fortune and Glory artifacts, like the golden idol, are just valuable from a financial perspective, and would be more prominent in Jones's early life, and would open up the door for him to gain a further understanding on the importance of preserving relics.


Should the MacGuffin be based in theology, the supernatural, or just religion in general?

Alright, that concludes the first part of this miniature adventure, and in a few days I'll take a look at what categories won and expand on each one. Comment if you have specific suggestions for things like a MacGuffin or a setting, or if you just want to discuss anything Indiana Jones 5!


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