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This is my first article for Movie Pilot so please, cut me some slack. SoulSurvivorsGaming @Greg Huttchins recently wrote an article titled "Top 10 Superhero Movies we CRAVE!" which is the source of my inspiration.

ROM Spaceknight.

I read this comic as a child and absolutely loved it. It is time that Hasbro / Parker Brothers woke up and smelled the... (to cliché?) I digress, Marvel has tried in the past to gain the rights to this awesome character, to no avail. Maybe its time we the fans, readers, and media speak up loudly and let them know just how much we would support such a movie. I was raised to not deliver a problem without first taking the time to also develop and deliver at least one solution. So with that I give you my "How to do a proper ROM Movie" solution to the issue that there is not one (for the reasons noted above).

Given the current MCU is not following any timeline ever in the comics... (rabbit trail here) and NO I do not think the powers that be have killed our childhood dreams but rather developed an alternate timeline like what has been found for years in the comics with stories like Age of Apocalypse, Mother Askani, The Acolytes, ect. If this MCU were in a comic, it would be totally awesome (end rabbit trail)... Given the current MCU is not following any timeline ever in the comics ROM Space knight could easily be brought in seamlessly with Dr. Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

How you ask? Well the Dire Wraiths use dark magic (Dr. Strange tie in) and attempted to invade Galador, home planet of ROM. He was a poet on his home world and the first to volunteer to have his humanity stripped and preserved in order to be transformed into a large, silver humanoid. The Galadorian Spaceknights defeated the invasion and then went out after the Dire Wraiths in hopes of stopping them from invading and destroying other worlds. In this "timeline" they could meet the Guardians (obviously in their second movie even if only a cameo to set up spaceknight movie) somewhere in deep space to warn them of a coming attack on Earth. Dr. Strange feels this coming and mentions it in some post credit scene as well.

The first ROM movie could be a bit of an origin movie showing some of the peaceful planet with their advanced technologies, the invasion, and defeat. ROM Leave Galador in search of the Wraiths to destroy them. End credit scene has ROM in deep space finding a familiar ship (the Guardians). Sensing that they are friendly he begins moving toward it seeking assistance.

Then move on to a second film (perhaps a Marvel Phase 4 film) where we fast forward 200 years and the invasion of earth is about to happen. This is also where he meets Brandy Clark and RIck Jones (Hulk tie in). As it turns out the Earth invasion is from a new deadlier form of Dire Wraiths who turn out to be females looking for breeding grounds and thru the help of Forge, Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Avengers, the Wraiths are finally defeated. ROM Leaves Earth. End credit scene has Brandy Clark meeting "The Beyonder" (yes that could set up a Secret Wars saga for phase 4 or 5) who asks him to transport her to Galador to be with her love only to find out there is a war on Galador between powefull spaceknights bent on ruling the planet. (setting up a 3rd and final ROM Movie).

Lastly the finial ROM Movie finds himself making it back to Galador finding it in shambles and his love Brandy is in prison, the hall where his humanity was kept (or at least thats what he thinks) is destroyed. He sends out a call to his most trusted spaceknight friends who come and help him defeat the rouge spaceknights ruling the planet There is a huge battle with ROM and friends winning. The planet is decimated. ROM is heartbroken that his beloved planet is now doomed to die as there is nobody left to repopulate it. SURPRISE, ROM gets his humanity back because there is one left, his. It was stored by some rebels in a statue of him (their symbol of the resistance against the rouge spaceknights). The spaceknights left, loyal to ROM vow to protect the planet for all of eternity if he and Brandy will repopulate and revitalize the planet. The End.

So there you have it, my version of how to do a ROM Spaceknight movie and tie it into the current MCU.

Now let me hear your thoughts and ideas. Would you support a ROM Movie? How would you do it?


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