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11. Snow White

Not only is she the fairest, but also the stupidest princesses of them all. She is tricked not once but twice by the wicked witch once with the whole ribbon thing and then the infamous apple situation. I mean come on woman! Other than that the film had its classic plot that didn't bore anyone to death but at the same time one must keep in mind that snow white was one of the first disney princess movies ever mad. Nevertheless it did have some good parts, and I am personally a fan of the seven dwarves. Where can I get some of those guys?

10. Sleeping Beauty

Is it just me or does literally ever other character in the movie have more lines than Aurora? I have the same problem with this movie as I do with Romeo and Juliet. It is not possible to find "true love" in a matter of days let alone within a glance. I am a believer in true love, not a believer in "love at first sight" it is simply illogical! Also LOVED Maleficent!! I encourage everyone to go see it! Not a huge Angelina Jolie fan but it was better than expected and had some action scenes as well.

9. Cinderella

I know I know its a classic and believe me I love GusGus just as much as the next person, but for some reason I am not a fan of the movie in comparison to the others. It is better than average but doesn't really have many redeeming qualities. The musical numbers aren't exactly great either. I mean "Bibbidi- Bobbidi-Boo" is always going to stand out but other than that... I just don't know. Personally I liked the Brother's Grimm version better.

8. The Little Mermaid

I am fully aware people will probably hate me for this one but lets take a look at what the message of the movie is: beauty is everything. Ariel can't speak for literally more than half the movie. I know the pair get to know each other through a series of "dates" but Prince Eric's liking of Ariel is mostly derived from her looks, the message: You don't need to speak if you're pretty. Another not so great message: a boy you barely know is worth risking your life for. Great judgement Ariel!! Of course we all love Sebastian and who doesn't want a friend like flounder? The soundtrack was pretty good but unfortunately that wasn't enough to pull the movie up through the ranks.

7. Rapunzel/Tangled:

Tangled is witty and insanely adorable. So why is it ranked relatively low? Tangled isn't EVEN CLOSE to the original story of Rapunzel. It is a lot darker and people go blind and almost die and one can clearly see why disney flipped the story around. Still the film lacks a strong plot and leans on the love growing between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel to hold up most of the movie. While one could say that the love story is the main plot wasn't the movie centered around Rapunzel getting to the village and finally meeting her parents? Ya that happens and all but there was a lot of unnecessary side tracking and deviation from the original story which I guess is what annoys me the most. Adorable doesn't get you too far without substance.

6. Brave

Yes, Merida is a Princess. While she is one of the less famous characters she is indeed a true born Scottish Princess. Merida challenges gender equality and the roles of women in society. All things I love. She is independent and a "different" kind of beautiful with frizzy mops of red curls. However, at this point in time it is very historically incorrect. In addition she is not anything new. Independent and strong women have already been depicted in previous films such as Mulan and to some degree Jasmine, Pocahontas. yeah we could all use some more girl power but for myself and many others Brave just didn't quite hit it home.

5. Pocahontas:

MY FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! Kick-ass soundtrack!! Colors of the wind literally blows my mind every single time I listen to it (which is quite often). Now lets discuss the movie: Bad: So historically and racially inaccurate it hurts a little, never mind the fact that they wouldn't even be able to speak to each other, John Smith was a f*ck-up and was hated by most of the East India company, Pocahontas would never dress like that seeing as it was oh I don't know WINTER IN THE NORTH OF NORTH AMERICA when the mayflower landed, these are just a few examples trust me there are many many more. Good: Pocahontas is a individual who has her own ideas and is not lead by the masses or authoritative figures. She actually ends up unifying both sides in the movie and in reality, she even goes to Europe later in her life and married a british man. This can be seen in the sequel. (I loved John Smith in the movie but lets be real he's a bit of deadbeat.)

4. Aladdin:

Another FANTASTIC MOVIE with (in my opinion) the best soundtrack out of all the disney films and one of my personal favorites. Iago is hilarious, Abu is a must have, Jafar is just the right amount of evil and lets be real Robin Williams as Genie was the greatest decision made of all time. Jasmine is rude to her suitors, but she has a pet tiger and escapes a palace. That qualifies her a certified badass of Agrabah. Aladdin is such an a**hole on the other hand. He tricks the Genie into getting them out of the cave without having to wish for something. He lies to Jasmine to get on her radar by pretending to be a prince and completely attacks the palace with his parade. He forgets about Abu the second he meets Jasmine (as a peasant). Finally, He is constantly promising that he would free Genie, but doesn't until one of the final scenes. Which I guess is endearing UNTIL you consider the fact that Genie was only freed after figuratively becoming a slave to Aladdin. Overall just not a fan of that "street rat" good thing the rest of the movie was A+ bringing the whole thing to about an A.

3. The Princess and The Frog

She was new, fresh, and diverse. The movie itself had a pretty interesting plot and was an interesting take on the already famous plot. Besides being the only black princess Tiana is all around a pretty cool chick. The whole New Orleans setting has its own charm and it is pretty historically accurate. The inclusion of essential cultural elements such as voodoo is actually impressive. Voodoo can be pretty scary so the fact that disney was able to subdue that and still make the movie interesting was a feat within itself. Personally, I was a fan. I also love New Orleans in general and the whole place is a nation within itself. It is beautiful with an amazing culture and it's great to have an actual historical place not just some random castle in the woods, etc. I know a lot of people don't view this as a classic, and that because it isn't. It is something that disney has never done and I love that. We already have classic a little shake up is definitely a good thing.

2. Beauty and The Beast:

Belle is smart, she never considers suitors, she is a balance between beauty and brains, she will sacrifice everything for a man, BUT that man is her father. She looks for more than just appearance or money in a man after falling in love with an "ugly" beast/handsome prince. The movie has that classic disney plot but it's not too cheesy. It is sweet an sends the message that looks are not everything, true love can overcome (not always true but a nice thought), and personality/inner beauty is the most alluring thing if you're feelings are genuine. Belle is also extremely loyal!! She came back to the beast after gaining permission to leave. They have the most complex relationship out of all the princes and princesses. The soundtrack was pretty good too!! Also the dad's death added a "not so happy ending" element that made it better than the usual everything ties up into a pretty bow ending. Overall, no complaints.

1. Mulan

BEST MOVIE! I love love love Mulan. While Pocahontas is still my favorite, Mulan is definitely a close second. It challenged stereotypes, gender roles in past and present issues one of which is still a huge issue even in present day; the role of women in combat. Should women be allowed to fight in the army? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Questions such as those are still popping up everywhere especially now a days when women are on the rise everywhere. Plus Mulan would definitely win in a disney princess smack down I mean come on!! In addition, Mulan got an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes that is pretty damn good for a princess movie!! The to defeat the Huns song is so damn catchy and the sequel was not too shabby either! Yao, Shan-Yu, and Chien Po are the three best friends anyone could ever have! Lets be real though who needs friends when you have Mushu and First Ancestor lookin' out for you!! Any movie with Eddie Murphy is going to be hilarious and lucky cricket is basically just an added bonus. Mulan has also produced some hilarious puns and memes. And we all still get that romance element and happy ending packed with some action and a lot of comedy. A+++++++++ all the way. Plus soundtrack killed it like there was no tomorrow.

Side note: Elsa and Anna are not on this because they are not technically princesses, just yet. Disney has not gone through their whole marketing and copy writing thing so yeah but also love them! Like Elsa more than Anna no offense but I mean she has powers and I find she is more of a protagonist than Anna.

Extra side note: Please don't hate because this is written in my own opinion and take on these movies!! feel free to share comments below!! Yes I know it is slightly pathetic that I have watched and know so much about all these Disney films, but haters gonna hate because Disney is amazing.


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