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I Am 35 and have been a superhero nerd my whole life- I have 3 beautiful daughters who are my everything and they also love superheroes- its
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Most of my life I have been made fun of for loving superheroes. I am now 35 and still love them. Funny how today it's cool to be a comic nerd. Superhero movies are very successful today and its not just the CGI or action or even their super powers. It's the characters themselves and the depth of the character's story. The more successful the movie, the more depth the character has. Take Spider-Man for instance, A teenager who is a nerd and not very popular at all. He is bullied and awkward and doesn't know how to talk to girls. He also deals with his parents who abandoned him at a very young age. Then he gets his powers and you all know how. Of course everything changes, and he becomes a superhero. While at the same time dealing with everyday teenage stuff, he saves the lives of people he never met or saves people he cares about a lot. The real struggle is staying Spider-man, because as long as he is Spider-Man he will always put the people he loves in harms way. He tries hard to protect his identity but we all know that doesn't always work out for him. Yes his powers are awesome and the villains he fights are great but it is his character depth that makes him successful.

Illustration done by Saint Figueroa
Illustration done by Saint Figueroa

Other characters who are successful like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Superman and Green Arrow have great back stories and origins. Their personal struggles and demons they face everyday while trying to protect and save people as a hero are the reasons we love them so much. Take away a great back story or origin, or take away their reason for being a hero or villain and you just have men and women in costumes with cool powers fighting each other. Another great example is Batman, who without his backstory and origin would in no way be as interesting as he is. There are so many heroes and villains out there who have great depth, and I hope we keep seeing more and more of them on the big screen! Especially more women heroes and villains, like Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl (done right), X-23, Blackcat, Supergirl, Domino and Enchantress to just name a few.

Illustration by Saint Figueroa
Illustration by Saint Figueroa

When people say to me superhero movies are only successful because of the action and CGI and the powers they have, I completely disagree. I believe it is the character's depth and their personal stories and backgrounds and origins and of course their struggles that make them interesting and compelling. The more depth a character has the more successful they will be in the movie business. Let me know below if you agree with me. Also the artwork done for this article was illustrated by my good friend Saint Figueroa, except for top picture which is from a poster owned by Marvel. I will feature more of his artwork on upcoming articles I write. This artist has major talent and I cant wait to share more of his work. So what character do you think has the most depth to them?


What character do you think has the most depth?

Just to name a few - If someone that you like is not on this list please tell me in your comments below who you think has great depth to their character - Thank you for your time in reading my thoughts and i look forward to reading your thoughts and views on this subject.


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