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I'm now on film three of the UK Video Nasties list... and will be going one at a time from here on out. Two movies in one night is way too much.

  • Axe (1977)

AKA: Lisa Lisa, California Axe Massacre, Two Rapists & Mr. Kotter

(Okay, I made that last one up)

Dir: Frederick R. Friedel

The tagline for this movie could have been, "These psychos just raped the wrong chick!" I don't mean to sound glib, but that is basically the entire plot of Frederick R. Friedel's Axe, a short little nasty about two sleazeballs and their lacky who descend upon the farmhouse of a young girl and her paralyzed grandfather. None of this is to say I didn't like Axe... Much to my surprise, I actually got a kick out of it. But this video nasty is not for everyone.

I adore a good metaphor screenshot
I adore a good metaphor screenshot

It is set up right from the beginning that two out of three of these pseudo-mafia dudes are absolutely slimeballs. They are sadistic asshats that dress like they're in a Tarantino film (perhaps Tarantino was "inspired" by this one as well?), bash the hell out of a gay man and his lover for no discernible reason, and then viciously torment a poor girl in a grocery store for kicks. So right off, we know that whatever is going to happen to them at the hands of Lisa, Lisa, will be more than well-deserved.

You should have stayed in the city, bucko.
You should have stayed in the city, bucko.

And of course, as I mentioned, Lisa may be a bit isolated, but that seems to add to her utter... oddness? When we meet her, she's loving on, and then beheading, a chicken. She's flirting with suicide by way a straight razor that is never more than a few inches from her at any given time. She cares for her paralyzed (likely by way of a stroke) grandfather, but with all of the vim and vigor of a corpse. Essentially, this girl is about ready to snap at any given moment, and obviously our merry band of psychopaths are going to be the catalyst that push her over the edge.

If you are a fan of rape/revenge films (which sounds a weird thing to say, but hey, we exist... BE PROUD!), Axe is a must see. Lisa's revenge scenes are epically sweet, the actual rape scene is blissfully short when compared to a film like I Spit On Your Grave, and the final moments are some of the best I've seen in a movie like this. As it should be in the best rape/revenge films, Lisa is no victim. The only victims in THIS movie are the one's that dare hurt her or her loved ones.

Would you like some blood soup w/ a side of ring?
Would you like some blood soup w/ a side of ring?

Best Kill: This one would have to be when Lisa uses her suicide straight razor for a little back of the neck slicing. Maybe I was hearing what I wanted to, but I could swear there was a distinct "razor-against-bone" sound effect that was absolutely chilling. Regardless, well done for a movie this low-budget!

Video Nasty Rating: 3 1/2 Finger Wagging Politicians out of 5

Have you seen Axe? Did you enjoy it?

Next up: The Beast in Heat (1977)... if I can find it. The Nazi-ploitation movies are notoriously hard to locate.


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