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Initially believed to be some kind of cast or model for the tweaked Superman costume, the below image (Source: Michigan Movies & More) appears to in fact be a larger-than life statue of the Man of Steel, on the set of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

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It's purpose is not yet clear and it is interesting that it is somewhat different from the costume seen in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) (there are, as far as we can tell here, none of the detailing bits that constitute his "belt" on the statue, and the "S" shield certainly seems larger here than it was on screen). There's an outside chance that this is a nod to the Centennial Park statue erected after the death of Superman in the comics - a story that both director Zack Snyder and star Henry Cavill have mentioned fondly of in the past - but it seems highly unlikely that they would do that in the second DCCU movie and even more unlikely it would have happened off-screen between the two films. But early rumors that had leaked about the BvS script hinted at Clark's death at the hands of Metallo. So who knows ?

Will BvS see the death of superman?
Will BvS see the death of superman?

This set, either is or is in the area of the old GM building across the street from the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac, Michigan -- which makes it right on top of the new LexCorp building, which is the GM building. What do you guys think?


What does the statue indicate ?


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