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Hello Dreadfuls,

Resident Dorian Gray fangirl here with some new images from the upcoming episode. The fifth episode of the series shed quite a bit of light on Vanessa Ive's backstory and it was even more tragic than I had imagined. So, where does that leave us for episode six? How dare they leave us salivating over the Dorian Gray/Ethan Chandler kiss for two whole weeks!

Just let him love you, damnit!
Just let him love you, damnit!

Episode six is titled, "What Death Can Join Together" and it promises some headway on Vanessa's latest visions in the quest to find Mina. In addition, Van Helsing will reveal to Dr. Frankenstein more details about the mysterious creature who has taken the ever popular and sought after Mina. It has also been promised that "Vanessa's night with Dorian unlocks something dark within her." Well, I simply cannot wait to find out exactly what that means.

Penny Dreadful has upped the ante every single week and continues to be uniquely original and beautiful despite the fact that the source material has been around for years and years and recycled so many times. Every actor has inhabited their role with love and perfection and I am, officially, obsessed.

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