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Nicolas Carmona

The big epic fight scene we have been waiting this whole season and I am glad the episode only took on the wall.

**Will Contain Show and Book Spoilers**

We take this episode in the POV of two characters, Jon Snow and Sam Tarly; with this we have a view of what is going on before and during the attack. Gilly escapes and goes back to Castle Black where Sam kisses her (good for him! I don’t think this happens in the books) and he puts her in a safe place, on the other hand we have Jon who is at the top of the wall witnessing the fire that Mance promised he was going to show the North, Allister Thorne takes “charge” of the situation and confesses to Jon he should have listened to him in closing the wall and so the battle begins.

Ygritte and the rest start attacking Castle Black and killing a bunch of crows, Jon eventually becomes in charge of the top of the wall and actually starts giving orders on ways to stop the attack from the other side, and very successfully at that. Sam sees the chaos that is going on at the bottom, he even kills a wildling but he also sees Thorne getting wounded and retreating, leaving everyone at Castle Black without command. With this another hint to the future, Sam goes up to the wall and tells Jon what happened to which he takes charge (I can’t wait for next week’s episode!) and makes tough decisions and hard calls but he does what is best for everyone and even though there are some casualties there were a lot of lives saved. Towards the end Jon faces the Thenn and beats him after a pretty great fight, just to be facing Ygritte. They look at each other there is hesitation and happiness, but it all ends when an arrow pierces through Ygritte, she dies in Jon’s arms and it was a pretty sad moment for the show; this moment I wished had played more like in the book, I feel that her death in the books was worse, making it one of the saddest of the series, they both end with her telling Jon “You know nothing” but seeing Jon in denial and trying to save her adds to the punch of the quote.

The episode ends with Jon going out of the wall to talk to Mance, he sees he fallen friends and the anguish that hits him makes things harder on him; he did a great job in all the emotional scenes and even a few looks that he gives are enough to express those emotions. He is going out to try and end things with Mance but little does he know that Castle Black is saved, but we are still going to have some fighting going on on the finale which is pretty exciting and also Tyrions story in Kingslanding ends in a great way, possibly the second moment I am most waiting for this season, the first is regarding Jon, and third regards to a certain stone lady.


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