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So as you may have heard, the classic horror movie Child's Play (1988) was due to be getting the remake treatment. Well apparently this is no longer likely to be happening, which you may or may not be pleased about. I personally couldn't be happier, considering my hatred for remakes!

Recently Seed and Curse of Chucky director Don Mancini confirmed that he was working on a script for a Child's Play 7, sequel to Curse Of Chucky. Child's Play 7 is highly likely to see the return of Fiona Dourif's character Nica Pierce, and will also of course have Brad Dourif return as the classic Chucky voice. The film will also reveal what happened to Alice at the end of Curse Of Chucky (pictured above) and will answer many of the questions left unanswered at the end of Curse.

There are rumors floating around that Child's Play 7 will be set on a train, which has not been confirmed nor denied as of yet. I wouldn't personally think of this as a very smart way to go, because in Curse of Chucky we had the whole movie set in one house - which I personally found to be very boring.

I think it would be pretty cool to see Andy (played by Alex Vincent) take on the killer doll again, and there was a BIG hint that such a thing could happen again in the Curse of Chucky after credits scene.

There are also lots of other characters which could be brought back, such as Kristen De Silva (Child's Play 3), Karen Barclay (Child's Play), Kyle (Child's Play 2) and possibly Jade and Jesse from Bride of Chucky.

Perhaps we could have more flashbacks from November 9th 1988 (the night of Charles Lee Ray's death), and could get more of a feel of who he was before he was trapped inside the doll?

What about Tiffany? Would you like to see her return for a bigger cameo in a future Child's Play sequel?


Would you like to see Tiffany in Child's Play 7?

The remake of the original film has not been completely ruled out, but at this stage looks highly unlikely to happen. Do you think this is a good thing, and feel that it is better to make a sequel rather than a remake/reboot, or do you think that the series is headed down the same tracks as so many other movie franchises, where each sequel gets worse and worse?

Also, what do you think a good title for this new movie could be? Child's Play 7, or perhaps 'Revenge of Chucky?' Tell me your ideas in the comments!


Do you think that a remake or a sequel is a better idea?

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