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Ever since the idea of Mars One spread over the mass media like jelly on toast, it turned out that at least 70 000 people are in love with Mars - so much that they're ready to leave our humble Earth forever, and spend the rest of their lives on that planet-sized desert.

While this is no doubt a great opportunity and an extraordinary leap for science and social development, it opens a lot of questions of value, like "Why dreams want to take us to another world?", "Would our lifestyle really create the need to colonize another planet?", not to mention "What is a good reason to live on Mars?", but the one question that got stuck into my head was:

Since when do people love Mars in particular?

Seriously. While it's obvious it's the closest planet we could ever hope for in our lifetime and it's most probably all about the thrill of the idea, seeing how every Hollywood movie that explores Mars, depicts one disaster after the next, you'd think people wouldn't want going there.

Because, let's be honest, Hollywood does NOT trust Mars in the least!

Sci-fi Movies Example #1. "Mars Attacks" (1996)


So... Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox AND Tom Jones! When you have so many celebrities to make you laugh, you can bet your sweet butt, you're going to laugh hard.

There isn't a kid from the 90s, who doesn't know of Mars Attacks and its strong undying message, "They want to kill us, so get the shotgun." An entertaining parody that will make you almost wish to have happened in reality.

Moral - anything coming from Mars wants to kill us.

Sci-fi Movies Example #2. "Red Planet" (2000)


Now, this is more serious, ambitious even. Val Kilmer knows how to present a good main character, even in a sci-fi movie. This one actually brought to light a very interesting idea about colonization, and the need of mankind to expand on our nearest planetary neighbour.

It's the closest to Mars One we can view for now, thanks to Hollywood, and it already depicted how every little thing can go wrong. I personally liked the movie and hate how it's so underrated.

You just have to... you know... put aside the obvious problems that you can't fill a planet's atmosphere with oxygen this easily and for such a short while (Earth needed 2 billion years for that!), close your eyes about how freezing night can get and no problem with the killer UV radiation, due to THE LACK OF OZONE LAYER... and, still the characters in this movie found a way to screw things up.

I mean, seriously, even I as an amateur know the things you need to take, if you're ever going to Mars.

Moral - people need to fail big time before getting things right.

Sci-fi Movies Example #3. "Total Recall" (1990)


Oh, 90s movies, you gave us so many interesting ideas that are now made into newer versions that are nothing without those crazy effects. As a child of that decade, I adore "Total Recall", even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bit much in every movie that's not "Terminator".

And, again, we come to the problem with people. This time we have Mars already colonized and even though there are no problems with malfunctions and undesired accidents, here comes the next big thing - human greed and lust for power.

Yup, just like on Earth. Secret agents, lost memories, the desire to get on the top of the food chain in this glass bowl they called a habitat and where exactly can it all lead when we're talking about a sci-fi movie?

Moral - if there's people, there's a conspiracy.

Sci-fi Movies Example #4. "My Favorite Martian" (1999)

(This one simply needed a trailer)

So, how could Disney miss to make a Mars movie on their own? Even though this isn't from their best productions, they still managed to make us laugh, because... Well it's Disney. Having a Martian crash on Earth and be neither hostile, nor particularly good natured, but just simply weird and maybe .. funny?

While many will argue about that, here is the moral - no matter what we get from Mars, it will change our lives greatly.

Sci-fi Movies Example #5. "Last Days on Mars" (2013)

And, the most recent one, trying to be serious, yet failing miserably in my humble opinion. It basically brought the last four morals together. No matter what one might think, people want substance once in a while - seriously, we're not that stupid.

And, for a movie to not present any will give it extremely low quality, then again, who can come up with any new ideas these days, when everything a human brain can think of is already made into a book, a movie, a play, a song?

Moral - mistakes will be repeated over and over and over and over again.


So, what morals can we expect from Mars One? Don't forget, it's going to be a TV show too!


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